Join The On demand Business Network with a Ravishingly Crafted Gojek Clone Script

 Join The On demand Business Network with a Ravishingly Crafted Gojek Clone Script

There is no moving back to Traditional Shopping Methods especially for people who have tasted the ‘Good-Side’ of availing On-Demand Services via Gojek Clone App. Essentially, these Services are delivered right outside your door, which makes it easy for Customers to get things done within minutes without putting their feet outside their homes.  


By On-Demand Services, we mean the facility of ordering stuff like Carrots, Onion, sweet Potatoes, or booking an Aromatherapy Massage, to even getting your leaking pipes fixed by a plumber within minutes. The App Users can get 70+ Services like these just by installing one App on their Smartphones – Gojek Clone. The most preferred services by people are – 

  • Taxi-Hailing and Taxi-Sharing
  • Moto Rides 
  • Car/Moto Rentals 
  • Food Delivery 
  • Grocery Delivery 
  • Parcel Delivery 
  • Car Wash 
  • Beauticians 


The answer starts with a simple step – Market Research. Suppose you want to set the Start-Up in Denver, the United States. The first step would be to perform meticulous Market Research about: 

  • Who is your Target Audience?
  • Which services are “MOST WANTED” in Denver? 
  • How many Service Providers are willing to Register with your App? 
  • What are the expectations of your Target Audience? 

Once you have all the required information in hand, the next step is to get a Fully-Functional App. These days a more popular choice is to get a Pre-Built, Mature, and Fully Optimized App from a Licensed White Labeling Firm. 

Why get your App from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm? 

Instant Entry into the Market

It provides you Instant entry into the Business because the App is Already Built and is Fully-Customizable. A White-Labeled App is delivered to you within 5 to 7 Business Days. Only a prominent White-Labeling Firm of Global Repute can offer you the advantage of going live with the App at such short notice. 

The App is fully-Customizable to suit your ‘BRAND’ 

The 5 to 7 Business Days are used just to Customize the App according to the needs and preferences of the App Owner.  The White-Labelling Firm that you choose will rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo, will also change the color theme of the App to match with the Color of your Company’ Logo, etc. 

Gives you a wide range of Advanced Features 

The Advanced Features of App like Gojek addresses the basic concerns of the App and Website Users – Data Privacy. But, besides that, there are also Corona-Specific Features that are exclusively designed to add a brake to the constant spread of the Nobel Coronavirus. Plus, there is an assortment of Features for convenience and Service Providers.  

  • Booking a Service through App’s Official Website and Phone Calls: Not everyone in Denver would know how to use a Smartphone or book a Service through the App. For instance, Albert is an Army Veteran, but he is not proficient with using a Smartphone. However, he wants to Order Afrezza, a Rapid-Acting Inhaled Insulin for his Type 1 Diabetes Condition. So, he simply called up the Admin Dispatcher Panel and asked them to get the medicine delivered to his Home. Immediately, the Backend Team booked the request on his behalf. Availing services through a Phone Call is as speedy as the one done through the Mobile App.  
  • Booking a Taxi Ride on iWatch: Emily Young can now book a Minicab Taxi Ride from her college to Murphy’s Pub & Grill on New Year’s Eve using her iWatch itself. She only needs to install the Rider’s App on her iPhone and simultaneously Taxi Booking iWatch App gets installed in the Smart Watch! Then, she goes ahead and books a Mini Cab, Adds the Destination, decides to pay Online using her Card and Finally places a Request for a Ride! Thereafter, the Details of the Driver are displayed on the iWatch Screen! 

These are just a couple of Advanced Features out of gazillion others. 


Do you want to welcome the New Year with your Business? Do you want to start raking in Profits from Day 1 of your App’s Launch? 

If yes, then here is your chance to take the world by surprise by launching your very own Gojek Clone .

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