Get the Best Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) From Top Doctors

 Get the Best Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) From Top Doctors

The arrival of the monsoon indicates a rise in the number of bacterial infections in the population. If you’re suffering from symptoms of common cold, sinus & migraine, asthma, etc., consulting a doctor is imperative. The best doctors can investigate your problems and suggest adequate solutions for your concerns. 

One of the most common problems during this season is sinus. The alternating humid and cold weather negatively impacts your condition. If you’re tired of bearing this pain, we recommend opting for a minimally invasive FESS surgery. You should contact an experienced ENT surgeon in Gurgaon for this procedure. 

What is FESS?

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is a minimally invasive technique to treat severe sinus conditions. The surgery is well known for its high success rate and is an extremely safe procedure. Doctors use a nasal endoscope with thin tube lights and a lens to investigate your sinuses. The device is inserted through your nose to open up the blocked sinus pathways. It helps ease your sinus symptoms and gives you immediate relief. Studies indicate that 80-90% of people who have had this surgery indicate an improvement in their condition.

FESS is referred to as a functional surgery because of its nature. This surgery’s main aim is to restore your sinus functions. However, this also means that the surgery needs high expertise and great care to be conducted successfully. It’s recommended you search for an experienced ENT specialist near me to get a FESS surgery. 

When Should You Get a FESS?

You cannot get a FESS surgery until it is deemed necessary by an experienced specialist. A good ENT surgeon in Gurgaon will look into all other methods of resolving your sinus issues before recommending a FESS. However, if your sinus’ condition has escalated to an extreme level resulting in chronic sinus inflammation, nasal polyps or chronic sinus infection, getting a FESS may be necessary. 

Sinusitis develops when the tissues lining your sinuses start to swell. The swelling causes a blockage in the sinus pathway trapping mucus from flowing out of your sinus and nose. The trapped fluid tends to grow bacteria that can cause harmful infections. Thus, prompt treatment is essential under such circumstances. 

If you’re dealing with a lot of sinus pain, it’s recommended that you contact your nearest healthcare clinic. Find a good ENT specialist who can assess your current condition accurately and prescribe appropriate medications or treatments to alleviate your distress. 

How Do Doctors Check for Sinus Issues?

Good doctors have extensive knowledge and years of experience to back them up. Using their expertise, they investigate your sinuses with the following techniques:

  • Nasal Endoscopy: A device called an endoscope is inserted into your nasal passage to check for inflammations and signs of infection.
  • CT Scan: Another standard method for checking for sinuses is a CT scan. This test helps your doctor determine which part of your sinuses have been affected. 

Thus, search for an ENT specialist near me to get the best treatment available. 

How to Choose the Right Healthcare Clinic?

When getting FESS surgery or other treatments for resolving sinus issues, you must choose the clinic you’re visiting with great care. It’s suggested you search online for the best clinics near you. Once you have the results of your search, look out for the following factors:

  • An excellent clinic has specialized departments for different areas of medical practice. Thus, if you’re getting treatment for sinuses, find a clinic with a technical ENT department. 
  • The best clinic also has a team of appropriately trained healthcare professionals and experienced doctors who can accurately assess your condition, diagnose your problem, and administer appropriate medical treatments.
  • Experience is essential in healthcare. Thus, finding a clinic that has been delivering healthcare for 10+ years at least is recommended. 
  • Finally, check for clinics that offer reasonable prices for their treatments. Cheap isn’t always better. Instead, your goal should be to find an affordable clinic.

Ear, nose, and throat issues can be troublesome if not addressed promptly. They often diminish your quality of life by causing you a great deal of pain. To prevent or resolve any such condition, you must search for an ENT specialist near me immediately.

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