Get the best mic for YouTube videos

 Get the best mic for YouTube videos

Audio is one of the most overlooked but one of the most important parts of a video for YouTube. Almost anyone can put a video online now, but one thing that helps this video stay lonely in the group is great audio. There are 3 key points of interest in squaring audio; Audio source, audio level, and all-encompassing noise.

The most important thing to remember when recording audio for video is the audio source. Whether you  are using the best mic for YouTube videos, an outside receiver, or a feed from a mixer, the source will be the most important component of audio quality.

Why do you need the best mic for YouTube videos

Pretty much every camcorder has an underlying mic, and pretty much every inherent amplifier produces inferior audio. The audio from a built-in mic often gets the noise of the actual camera, the noise created by working with the camera, and they’re generally not very top-heavy so they get a lot of overall excitement.

When there is no choice but to use the inherent receiver, the best arrangement is to get close to the audio to be recorded. If it’s a person, zoom out and bring the camera closer to the person. If it’s the sound of a saw, zoom back out and move it. The closer the receiver is, the better the sound.

The best mic for YouTube videos often offers preferred audio quality over an inherent mic. Many camcorders have an external audio jack, which is either a sound system that is smaller than a regular jack, or XLR connectors on the top of the line scan cameras. Virtually all microphones will work with any camera that has a receiver jack, either directly or with the use of connectors.

For interviews, the best mic for YouTube videos can help eliminate unwanted noise by placing the amp extra close to the person’s mouth. In this way, the audio of all TV news and sports news is intercepted.
 When working in stormy regions or when performing on the street, a stick microphone is often the best choice. Stick mics are what columnists will see on-screen regularly with a mic banner showing which station they work for. This type of mic is good at canceling out unwanted noise and is easy for one person to pass back and forth to someone else.

Similarly, audio levels are pretty much as important as the audio source. If there is a quality audio source but the level is clipping, the audio results is not appealing. Many cameras with an external audio jack allow the administrator to control the audio levels. Of course, if the camera doesn’t have any controls, it needs to change levels for the admin.

When using a camera with manual controls, 100% of the time it is better to set the levels than to let the camera do it naturally. At the point where a camera adjusts levels consistently, it changes the audio level to the most intense sound.

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