Get To Know How HFCIC & Cynthia Together Making This World a Better Place

Love is not a word. It’s an action instead. When someone suffers, it is only love that can elaborate the pain and suffering they have to face in life. This time, Cynthia Lourde along with HFIC used her wealth and fame status to help others in need rather than staying away from them as she would have done earlier.

There’s no denying that the world can be a tough place. But, despite all of the challenges we face, there are also many reasons to be hopeful. Helping those in need, who cannot help themselves, is a noble cause. There are many charitable foundations across the country that help people in need. These foundations provide financial assistance to help people pay for basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. They also provide other services like medical care and education. These foundations help people get back on their feet and start new lives.

But when it comes to assist families who have been affected of chronical illness among their children, not much foundations step in. But there’s this organization that particularly caters in such matters. We’re talking about HFCIC. HFCIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with chronic illnesses and their families. They provide advocacy, education, and support to families and children nationwide.

How HFCIC is Different from Other Non-Profit Organizations?

Helping Families of Chronically ill Children (HFCIC) is a public charity foundation based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2014 by Cynthia Lourde to support children with special needs through aid and equipment but also by raising awareness on the spectrum of special needs within communities. Through this work they hope that they will achieve two goals – help parents care for their children better as well as teach communities how to be more accepting of those who are different.

HFCIC redirects medical products to families in need. In doing so, the organization is reducing wastes lost to the waste stream. Many healthcare providers and other businesses or people have equipment or supplies that they would like to donate but can’t find a way to get them where they need to go. HFCIC goes through an extensive process of identifying these medical goods, getting them ready for transfer, and then distributing them as appropriate. They reduce overhead costs for facilities who give up their items as well as promotes eco-friendly practices by reusing things instead of throwing them out.

This non-profit foundation also provides therapies and programs to help children suffering with chronical illness. ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS THERAPY (ABA) is an innovative yet cost-effective therapy offered to children who have disabilities. This therapy help them learn how to interact with people their own age. This therapeutic program has many types of learning assessments performed throughout the week at specific locations such as the HFCIC and other public areas. Through this therapy, the little ones again get a chance to thrive and live their lives just like the normal children.

Cynthia Lourde – The Backbone of HFCIC

Cynthia Lourde belongs to the IT industry, along with her budding career in showbiz, and eventually became a philanthropist who aided thousands of families through her foundation. Cynthia has an unquenchable desire to bring light into dark places and is inspired by love to help others. She’s an admirable human being who will stop at nothing until every suffering child is safe and happy!

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