Get Your BMW Serviced By The Specialist

 Get Your BMW Serviced By The Specialist

BMW Service

If you are the proud owner of a BMW, then you need to get it serviced regularly to maintain its condition and increase its value. But for that, you have two options, either take it to a local auto workshop or approach a trained BMW repair specialist. While the former is cheap and cost-effective, the latter will give your car the needed attention and care that it requires. They tailor their service solution specific to your car’s needs and use authentic guaranteed parts. They will complete your car’s service history while maintaining its warranty. So, it’s always best to call BMW repair specialists for all your servicing requirements.

Why go to a BMW Specialist?

With their specific expertise, they provide you the assurance that your car will receive the care with specialist who are well-informed and skilled in what they do. This guarantees the kind of service that your expensive asset deserves. Look for a BMW service centre near your locality, so that you don’t need to travel  long distance to get the service done. You will not only receive great car service from a specialist, but will also get a pleasant surprise with the benefits they offer. Against the notion, service done by a BMW specialist is not that expensive as compared to getting service done at a local workshop.

Benefits of BMW Servicing

Getting your BMW serviced at regular intervals of time is extremely beneficial in the following ways:

  • It keeps you safe as potential problems will be highlighted during the service, and can be fixed before they develop into serious issues.
  • It helps preserve your car and extend its reliability and life by several years, as it helps in keeping your car in top-notch condition.
  • It keeps your BMW in  safe and roadworthy form as regular service will ensure that your car does not pass its MOT.
  • It saves money, as identifying and fixing issues early on can save you money and frustration in future.
BMW Service
BMW Service

What to Expect During BMW Service?

Your car undergoes wear and tear over time and also over miles driven. A BMW specialist thoroughly checks your vehicle and correct the issues to maintain its optimum safety and performance. Here are a few areas that they cover:

  • Drive, steering and suspension system: They comprehensively check all the wheel bearings, gaiters, joints road springs, rear and front shock absorbers, and more.
  • Visibility and lighting: They thoroughly check the rear and front lighting and ensure their correct operation. They also inspect wipers, glasses and other visibility items, along with registration plates and exterior mirrors.
  • Car interiors: They check the seat belts, hazard lights, horns and vehicle controls functioning. And also ensure that the driver displays are correctly operating and are not showing any warning signals.
  • Brakes: They check and measure the rear as well as front brake components.
  • Tyres: They check all tyres and road wheels for serviceability and adjust the pressures before refitting. They also inspect the spare wheel and the inflation kit for operation.
  • Under bonnet: They visually inspect the under bonnet area of your car and ensure that there are no leaks and all the components are working fine. Items to be checked under the bonnet include spark plugs, oil filter, drive belts, air filter, etc.
  • Under vehicle: They remove the under trays, drain the engine oil, and check the transmission system for any leaks.
  • Final check: In the end, they test the antifreeze and brake fluid, fill the engine with new oil, and test the vehicle motion on road. Finally, the BMW specialist will update your service record or service book.

If you are unsure about the service of your BMW, then a BMW specialist will be able to give you the best course of action and keep your asset in best condition. Once your service is complete, they update your service record, maintain its warranty, and increase the resale value of your BMW.


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