Getting Scrap Metal From Home Demolition & Remodeling Projects

As you plan your renovation and demolition projects, don’t just think about what’s going to be added. Think about what can be removed and reused. While there are many materials that you’ll want to recycle, here are some of the best options for getting rid of things through Adelaide hills recycling that has been in your home for a while:

Copper in your wiring.

The most valuable part of your home is the copper wiring. If you have any plans to demolish or remodel, you should sell your copper wiring to be recycled for money. There are many places where you can sell scrap metal and get cash in return. 

Your garage or backyard could turn into a very lucrative business if you are willing to make some effort at recycling.

If you want to save time and money on transportation costs, then consider Adelaide hills recycling the materials yourself at home. The good news is that it is not difficult at all because all you need to do is separate different types of metals before sending them off for processing through an online platform.

Brass in doorknobs, door handles, and other fixtures

Brass, a soft metal that can be easily shaped, is often used in doorknobs and door handles. The value of brass scrap depends on the type you have. 

Modern brass (which includes modern reproductions) sells for about $0.23 per pound, while antique brass sells for about $1 per pound. So if you’re not sure if your brass is antique or modern, bring it to a scrap metal dealer and have them determine its authenticity before selling it.

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Aluminum in sidings, window frames, and gutters

Aluminium is a very valuable metal that can be recycled at most recycling centers. It can be found in the siding of your home, the window frames, and the gutters.

Aluminium is used in many products from beverage cans to cars, boats, and airplanes. Aluminum is also recyclable because it does not rust like steel when exposed to oxygen in the air for long periods. Adelaide hills recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum from raw ore versus using virgin materials like bauxite ore or cryolite rock which are mined for this purpose only by hand with heavy machinery.

Steel on shelves, heaters, metal chairs

It’s easy to think that all the steel you see around you is simply part of a building or appliance, but there’s actually a lot of steel in common objects. Steel shelves, for example, are common in homes and offices and can be easily recycled.

Steel heaters are another great source of scrap metal because they’re made from durable materials that can easily be transformed into new products without losing their strength or durability in the process. 

One thing to note about these types of scrap metals: They may have coatings on them that make them look shiny and new (and thus less valuable). When adelaide hills recycling these types of scrap metals, it’s important to check whether or not they’ve been painted before bringing them to your recycler so they know what kind of material they should be looking at when evaluating your items’ value.

Finally, there are metal chairs—they’re also made with steel! If you’re planning on demolishing your kitchen countertops soon (or if you’re moving out), consider taking apart any wooden chairs first so as not to damage them while removing other appliances like refrigerators and stoves.


With the right tools and a little bit of know-how, you can easily recycle your Scrap Metal Recycling Adelaide from home demolition projects. The best part is that it saves you money and helps the environment at the same time!

Source: Getting Scrap Metal From Home Demolition & Remodeling Projects


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