Glass Display Cabinets Add Distinctiveness to Spaces

 Glass Display Cabinets Add Distinctiveness to Spaces

The sleek and transparent appeal of glass makes it an excellent choice for display cabinets. Besides adding to visual exposure, the shine and luster of glass make a huge difference to any retail content.

Considering that visual merchandising is very important for retail, it is essential to offer an incredible display to customers. In fact, as much as 92% of users ascertain that visuals help them make purchase decisions. Glass cabinets help you choose.

Moreover, lighting also makes a difference. As such, to ensure glass display cabinets surpass these expectations, ensure that the aesthetic requirements are met and the right cabinets are chosen.

Helping You Choose The Top Glass Cabinets for Display:

  • Cube Cabinets: These cabinets are usually seen in jewellery stores. You may also come across cube cabinets at exclusive retail stores for watches and spectacles. These types of closets are perfect to display precious items at stores. It attracts attention immediately, making store visitors more aware of a new product. Any newly launched product that needs user attention can also feature in these cabinets. Select jewellery items and mobile devices can be showcase-d in these cabinets. Cube cabinets have a lockable door for added safety.
  • Corner Cabinets: These cabinets are made of high-quality tempered glass with robust aluminium frames. The cabinets also feature lockable doors that provide a secure display. 4 LED strip lights add to the display, making it more visible to onlookers. These cabinets can be move-d easily because of the inbuilt adjustable wheels. Corner cabinets also maximize storage space. These glass display cabinets are apt for exhibiting gift items, kitchen items, and memoirs.
  • Glass Display Cabinets: These well-lit cabinets make display more obvious to onlookers. They provide a safe and lasting display at retail stores. Featuring lockable doors for security and halogen lights for visibility, these cabinets are the best for displaying awards, certificates, mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers, showpieces, and fragrances, depending on where it is place-d.
  • Glass Display Gondola: Gondolas have shelves on four sides. As such, it not only displays items but also gives users the chance to touch and feel the products before purchase. The open gondola shelving is strategically place-d for an effective impression. Perfect for retail, pharmacy, and store display.
  • Till Counters: These are counters with lockable drawers to keep cash safe. Till counters are apt for office space. It fits beside the counter display to make the job easier.

Take your pick.

Glass display cabinets

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