Glasses frames for different face shapes

 Glasses frames for different face shapes

With the increase of electronic products, we spend more time in the face of computers, TVs, and mobile phones. Therefore, at this time, whether it is myopia glasses or anti-blue light and anti-radiation glasses, it has become a rigid need for modern people.

Glasses frames make you look better

In the Vooglam list, there are classic or popular styles, and of course, there are also unique shooting styles. These frames include aviator frames, cat eye frames, square frames, rectangular frames, round frames, geometric frames, etc.

These glasses can be adjusted for different occasions and what kind of clothes and shoes to match, reducing the sense of incongruity and making the whole person look more fashionable and elegant. Each pair of glasses has its own unique style, so how do you highlight those styles? It needs to be customized according to your face shape.

Eyeglasses can protect your eyes

If you wear eyeglasses, you usually maintain a good and clear visual quality, and you will not struggle at all when looking at things, there will be no eye fatigue, and the speed of myopia will become very slow. If there is a problem with the strength of the eyes, it is still necessary to wear glasses as soon as possible.

Three principles of wearing glasses frames

The first principle is that the face is wide and wide, and the face is wide and long;

The second principle is that the face is round and the face is square, the face is square and the face is round, the round frame makes the face more round, and the frame increases the sense of line;

The third principle is that the atrium is long and the frame is high; the atrium is short, semi-rimmed or rimless glasses, that is, the choice of wearing glasses, which should be compensated in inverse proportion to the inner contour of the three courts and five eyes.

Oval Face

Note: Wear small-frame glasses

The oval face is a good face shape. The face is characterized by smooth lines and an even outline. The forehead is moderately wide and narrow, and it is evenly balanced with the lower half. The middle of the cheekbones is the widest, and the chin is arc-shaped. The oval face itself has a small proportion of the face, so Be careful not to wear glasses that are too large.

Round Face

Note: Square glasses advanced method

Square glasses, especially square thick-rimmed glasses, have a lovely aralei style, which can highlight the small face and add some cute charm. If you think pure black is a little depressing, try to make the frame into a translucent color, such as yellow, you can Leaves the overall tone soft and fresh.

Square Face

Note: round glasses are on the scene, weakening the edges and corners


The characteristics of a square face are that the jawline is more obvious and the forehead is wider. According to the previous three principles, the glasses with curvature are better and can better modify the face shape. Glasses with an oval frame/round frame/semi-oval/inverted pear shape are more suitable for this type of face.

Inverted pear-shaped glasses can better modify the cheekbones and forehead of their face, so that the edges and corners of the upper and lower face lines are less prominent.

Heart Shaped Face


Note: Soft face, lightweight and high-end

A heart-shaped face (inverted triangular face) generally refers to a face with a wide forehead and a pointed chin. This face shape is more three-dimensional, so in the choice of glasses, it is necessary to match the face shape as much as possible to weaken these angular elements.

Opt for thinner or rimless glasses with lighter colored lenses to soften your face. A heart-shaped face should wear thin or medium-thick glasses with a light texture and a drooping shape such as a polygon (the frame bottom is wider to increase the width of the lower half of the face), which matches the contour of the face.

Diamond Face

Note: Uniform optimization to resolve abruptness


Narrow forehead and high cheekbones bring a three-dimensional effect and the advantage of making the face changeable, but if not handled properly, the shortcomings of the entire face shape will be exposed, especially to avoid the narrow point of your forehead, so avoid square shape glasses, so choose some curved glasses, such as round glasses, to make your face more even.

Zennioptical vs Eyebuydirect vs Vooglam

Eyebuydirect always seems to be on sale, no matter the festival, so it’s best to place your order when Eyebuydirect has a sale. Secondly, the logistics of Eyebuydirect will be faster than that of Zenni, and the efficiency of return and exchange is relatively high. But Zenni will be cheaper and better packaged. Vooglam is a new brand among the three, and its product design is also the most innovative and trend-following, and some glasses are even cheaper than Zenni.

Of course, these three are all good places to shop for glasses. If you have worn Zenni and Eyebuydirect glasses before, you can also try Vooglam. Although it has only started online prescription glasse online business in recent years, it has strength offline. Supported by a strong optician team, the product positioning focuses on fashionable, unique and cost-effective women’s style glasses.

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