Gluten-free products, but delicious!

Do you suffer from celiac disease and need to adopt a gluten-free diet? Are you gluten intolerant and need to ban all traces of wheat, barley, oats, spelled and rye from your diet? You are simply sensitive to gluten and have decided to favor gluten-free foods? Most of which are labeled organic, in order to allow you to live your diet in pleasure, without frustration, without deprivation.

Because yes, you can be allergic, intolerant or simply sensitive to gluten without depriving yourself and eating sad. Gluten-free is not incompatible with gluttony and we offer a wide range of products combining both nutritional quality and taste pleasure.

Gluten free food. Various pasta, bread and snacks on wooden background from top view. Healthy and diet concept.

A wide range of gluten-free products

In case of allergy, hypersensitivity or intolerance to gluten, for this small protein present in most cereals, it is mandatory to find alternatives in order to have a healthy, balanced diet and a source of pleasure. Thus, in addition to fresh produce and legumes, all foods based on rice, buckwheat, chestnut, quinoa, corn or millet can be eaten and included in the daily menu. From then on, eating gluten-free is no longer synonymous with boredom and sitting down to eat becomes a joy again.

No impasse on gluttony, even without gluten

All the Healthy Gluten Free Food Pakistan that you will find on our site are intended as substitutes for foods traditionally made from wheat. Our breads, biscuits, pasta or flour, made from rice, corn, potato starch, chestnut…benefit from a different texture and taste but remain delicious.

A range for all meals of the day and small pleasures

Taste a hot baguette, share a slice of pizza with friends, and treat yourself to a good dish of pasta or a delicious Gluten Free Cookies in Pakistan. Even if you are gluten intolerant, you have the right to eat as everybody. With our large selection of gluten-free sweet or savory grocery products and gluten-free bakery products, you can eat well all day long.

How about starting the day with different gluten-free toasts, rusks or breads, tasty and crispy, accompanied by jams, honeys and spreads, with a selection of pastries and brioches that will make you smile or even a complete range and variety of cereals?

For small mid-day snacks, find our soft cakes, dry and plain biscuits, filled or coated, chocolates, sweets and cereal bars. And if you’re more of a “salted” type, our salty biscuits and gluten-free crisps should satisfy your little hunger pangs. And, with our range of more than 50 gluten-free semolina’s, rice’s and pastas, you’ll satisfy big appetites. Buckwheat fusilli or linguine, brown rice spaghetti, brown rice or corn macaroni, pasta shells, twists, farfalle, penne, tagliatelle…all gluten-free pasta recipes are easy to prepare, just like traditional couscous, lasagna or gnocchi.

Finally, we offer you a choice of gluten-free ready meals for the days that leave you little respite.

What if you found the urge to cook again?

Following a diet suitable for celiac disease or gluten intolerance should not take away the joy of cooking for yourself, your family and your friends. This is why a whole range of gluten-free flours, yeasts, breadcrumbs, and bakery, pastry or pizza mixes. The opportunity to discover new textures and new flavors with rice flour, corn flour, buckwheat or chestnut flour. And to satisfy everyone’s appetite with delicious cakes, pies, cakes or homemade breads.

A specifically organic range, promotions and new products

You will find all the gluten-free products, from organic farming, of all our flagship brands. You will thus be able to have the freedom to consume gluten-free, natural and certified organic foods. Those who also pay attention to their budget can find, from time to time, our products on sale. To consume without moderation…

Finally, to discover new gluten free references, go to our New Arrivals section. You will find traditional or more original products that we want you to taste.

Living gluten-free is possible!

 Whether you have no choice because you suffer from celiac disease, or whether you are intolerant or hypersensitive to gluten or, on the contrary, you have chosen to eat gluten free, your life has been transformed. You had to change your eating habits, learn about alternatives to wheat and spot hidden gluten, cook differently, and discover new flavors… In short, eat and live differently. Do not hesitate to come and discover our selection and taste our products from Food!

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