Going to The Dog Park? Some Reasons To Think Twice

 Going to The Dog Park? Some Reasons To Think Twice

As a dog owner, you might have considered taking your dog to a dog park for socializing or walking. Moreover, you would always have listened to positive affirmations and sayings that it is healthy for your dog to go to a dog park. However,  did you know that taking your dog to parks can have adverse effects?

Going To Dog Park?

Apparently, taking your dog to a dog park seems the perfect idea to fulfill the recreational needs of your dog, indulging him in mental activities or letting him socialize with his fellow dogs. But in real cases, it is proven to be a bad idea, and knowing the reasons you would think twice before going to a dog park.

Therefore, in this article, we will see some reasons why you would think twice before going to a dog park.

So without any further ado, let us get into it:

Incautious owners

If we see an ideal scenario, a dog owner would be highly cautious, careful, and responsible for his dog while being in a dog park and the dog will behave nicely and interact with other dogs and make friends.

While in reality, there are many dog owners that are highly careless and reckless. Such owners take their dogs out for walks but hardly bother to pay any attention or consideration to their dogs. Moreover, there are possibilities for some dog owners to let their dogs roam around freely without any supervision. They are either just busy with their mobiles or start socializing with other dog owners or enjoying their coffees.

dog park

Such dog owners have no idea what their dog is up to. And such dogs are excitedly roaming around without fearing their owner. Moreover, these dogs may get into some inappropriate activities or show unhealthy behaviors including bullying others, humping, scavenging, or biting around.

In other words, a dog park becomes a closed or congested area where dogs of any breed are set free with such careless owners and it could end up in any mishap.


Whether it’s any get-together or social gathering there is always a risk factor of catching diseases in humans. The same is the case for your pet dogs. At a dog park, there are a lot of dogs of different breeds interacting with each other. As a result, your dog can end up catching germs and disease factors and ultimately may fall sick.

You may have heard of many diseases common in animals and pet dogs that spread due to gathering, overcrowding, or increased connectivity with different types of dogs. These diseases include fleas, parvovirus, tricks, allergy, Kennel Cough, etc. Even if your dog is vaccinated it can still be infected by these diseases specifically Kennel cough as it always leaves strains and spreads through interaction with the affected patient.

You might have noticed that some dog parks have built-in water bowls for dogs. When different dogs of various breeds drink water from the same place- it becomes the major reason for getting infectious. Moreover, dog poop can also become a reason for spreading diseases and contaminating the fresh air to respire for your dog.

Violent Dogs

This point connects with the first one of “incautious owners”. If your dog is aggressive, unfriendly, or violent then as a dog owner it is your responsibility to not take him to a well-crowded dog park. Since violent and aggressive dogs can be an open invitation to fights and danger for other innocent dogs.

Some dog owners are well aware that how dangerous their dog could be still they don’t even lend an ear to suggestions and precautions that are helpful and mandatory for others and their dog as well. Such careless behavior ultimately results in something devastating.

In addition to that, there are some dog owners that if they find their dog in an inappropriate activity then instead of stopping or punishing them; they would rather encourage and praise them. For example, in case of bullying or playing rough on other dogs, the dog owners encourage their aggressive dogs to do more and thus consider it a sign of strength and bravery of their dog to bully any other dog.

Traumatizing for puppies

If your dog is a baby puppy then it is highly condemnable to bring your puppy specifically under 6 months of age to any dog park. Dog parks can be proven to be highly dangerous places for your puppy. Since it is a place where dogs of any age or breed can meet with any other strange dog then there is a high chance that your little puppy can easily catch diseases and germs as the underaged dogs are not fully vaccinated.

Moreover, at this age things, elements, or other dogs can easily leave an impression on the mind of your small puppy. Consequently, any unfortunate incident, ill-mannered or bullying dog, or unfriendly person can traumatize your puppy for life. That is the adverse aspect of a dog park for sure.

Introducing your puppy to interacting and socializing with other dogs in order to make friends should always be a positive and encouraging experience for the little one.  However, places like dog parks are highly unpredictable. You never know what happens suddenly and your dogs become frightened, antisocial, and even traumatized for life.


It is not a surprising element knowing that at dog parks fights and injuries are predictable. In congested places like a dog park, it is always an easy and effortless matter for an aggressive and strong dog to attack, fight and beat any little and weak dog. In such scenarios, dog parks become an open source of injuries. Many canines, when they see a weak dog, try to show their strength and dominance over the weaker one and thus indulge in a fight.

Moreover, some dogs group up into dog packs and can attack a single dog leaving impeccable injuries that could even result in the death of the weaker dog.

In dog parks, there are high possibilities that your dog can get into a fight and be injured. As a result, it could cost you thousands of bills by the veterinarian. Moreover, it can be harmful to your dog’s health. These injuries may include tearing of the skin, beating, biting, muscle strains, or even death.


Going to a dog park can be a bad idea for your dog due to several above-mentioned reasons. However, you chose some alternatives like Doggie Daycare or Dog Sports to introduce your dog to socializing, friend-making, and interacting with others. If you are still facing the issue and you want to know what happens with your dog then k9-strategies can help you out. We have the best dog experts in Stamford, CT.


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