Golf Guides: How Much Does a Full Golf Bag Fitting Cost?

 Golf Guides: How Much Does a Full Golf Bag Fitting Cost?

Are you looking to enhance your golf game but don’t know where to start? Beyond looking for new golf cart bags, our top recommendation is to invest in clubs that are custom-fitted for you.

This is because, with 14 clubs in a full golf bag, people who are new to the sport may not be aware of what’s holding them back.  

Read on to learn how much a golf bag fitting costs as well as a few more details you’ll need to know! 

Cost of a Golf Bag Fitting

You’ll find that overall, a full golf bag fitting will cost anywhere between $250 to $600. This is because a lot of technology and measurements are used in order to get you golf clubs that are perfect for you.

Here are a few details of the fitting that contribute to the cost: 


The customization begins with an interview. You’ll be asked how you want to improve your swing and what you’re looking for in your new clubs. You’ll also discuss any physical limitations and if your bad shots typically swing left or right. 


After the interview, your height will be measured from your wrist to the floor. Your hand length and longest finger length will also be taken in order to discover the right grip size. 

Dynamic Fitting

Technology is available that can help profile your swing and ball striking in order to find the best clubs for you. Launch monitors are also used in order to discover all the key details that go into your golf game and the improvements you need. 


Last but not least, you’ll be recommended the clubs that are best for you as well as the customizations you need. If you’ve been active throughout the process, you’ll most likely be happy with what’s recommended. 

Benefits of a Golf Bag Fitting

If you’re serious about your golf game and want to advance from being an amateur, a golf club fitting is a good place to start. These fittings enable you to get a whole set of clubs that are customized for your height and swing. 

Even better, you’ll find that a full bag fitting typically takes three to three and a half hours, which can be the best use for your time if you know you want all of your clubs customized. If you just want one or two clubs customized, it will still take about an hour.

Once your clubs are customized, consider investing in more golf tech to make your hobby easier and more enjoyable.

Invest in a Golf Bag Fitting Today

If you have the discretionary funds available for a full golf bag fitting, this can be the best bang for your buck if you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level. This is especially true if you’re looking to purchase new golf travel bags or a Nike golf bag. 

Although a new golf club bag will enhance your style, it doesn’t serve as practical a purpose as customized clubs. 

Ready to learn more ways to enhance your golf game? Keep reading the blog for more tips! 

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