Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now support Hotstar Party.

How to Make the Most of Hotstar Party

Install the Hotstar Party application. The extension must be installed on your Chromebook, macOS, or Windows device. To install the extension, please go here.

Best Movies on Hotstar

Hotstar Party’s Features

While broadcasting, chat with the other watch party attendees. The plugin displays a sidebar in which users may type and share emojis.

Questions that are frequently asked

What is the point of having a Hotstar Party?

The plugin is a free tool that allows Hotstar customers to view any episode, movie, or video with others who live far away. They can also send text and emoji messages to one other while watching their favourite shows together. The best part is that the extension is completely free and can be installed from anywhere on the planet.

How can I get the Hotstar Party extension to work?

To install the extension, please go here. This link will take you to the extension’s official installation page, where you must pick the blue “Add to Chrome” option. You will also be prompted to allow permission to add the extension to your browser; kindly click the “Add Extension” button to do so. Your device will now have the extension installed.



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