GPS Tracking For Home Arrest- How Does It Work!

 GPS Tracking For Home Arrest- How Does It Work!

Courts can order a repeat offender to wear a GPS tracking device during house arrest. It is a part of location monitoring devices used by law enforcement agencies. House arrests come with certain conditions. The person is not allowed to leave the house premises without appropriate authorization. The GPS tracking device is used to track the location of the person.

Uses of Location Monitoring Devices

When a person is on bail or probation, the court can order them not to leave their house for a certain time. You might be wondering why a court order’s someone under house arrest. The reasons are plenty. The person might be a repeat offender, have committed a minor crime, and are out on bail or probation. In such scenarios, the court can ask the person to wear a GPS ankle bracelet.

  • Constant Location Surveillance: The authorities can track the person continuously when someone wears a GPS tracking device. The device ensures the person doesn’t leave the specified area. If the person tries to leave the house, the probation officer can easily track the person’s present location. It will help them track down the person. You would have to seek special permission to leave your house. The officers can monitor you if you go outside the specified areas.
  • Real-Time Alarm : GPS tracking for home arrest comes with a real-time alarm system. The device sends constant location signals to the monitoring team. If the person tries to temper with the device, the alarm will go off, notifying the officials. They will know when a person tried to remove the location device. The monitoring team can send officers instantly when the alarm goes off. If found guilty, they can face jail time.
  • Precise Accuracy

People have a misconception that GPS tracking devices don’t provide accurate information. This misconception has led to the arrest of some people in the past. The GPS tracking device is accurate and provides an exact location. The monitoring team can see when you are inside your room or when outside.

Bottom Line

GPS location tracking devices allow continuous and accurate monitoring. A person usually wears the device when under house arrest or on parole. If they walk too far from the home unit, the ankle monitor will signal to the authority and inform the person that they are going too far from the specified location. It has become essential equipment for law enforcement.

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