GPX “DEMON GR200R”, a Thai light runner

 GPX “DEMON GR200R”, a Thai light runner—Japanese exhaust brand TSUKIJI RACING was one of the first to have its own factory in Thailand to manufacture exhaust products and import them back to Japan for sale.

Bringing outstanding Italian aesthetics to the 200cc class
Established in 2007, GPX is a local Thailand GPX motorbike brand that produces beautifully designed 125cc to 250cc street and sport bikes. It is responsible for importing GPX models into Japan for local sale. The bike on test is the top of the GPX lineup, the DEMON GR200R, which is powered by a 200cc water-cooled four-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine, combined with an American DELPHI fuel injection system and YSS suspension from Thailand, a combination of international brands.

The front end has a similar feel to the Yamaha YZF-R1/R6, with its separate twin-eye headlights that illuminate constantly when the doors are opened. The rear end has two L-shaped light clusters to create a sharp and clean image, the outermost L-shaped light guide is the positioning light, the inner side is the brake light made up of LED beads and the LED directional light is fixed separately to the rear earth. It’s fun to watch.

200cc engine and excellent body structure for easy handling
The GR200R is about the same size as a Japanese 250cc bike, and although the saddle is high, the width of the bike is narrow, so there is good footing. The 200cc single-cylinder engine delivers a maximum torque of 1.75kg-m at 6500rpm, which is plenty of torque at low revs, and with a fairly wide front rudder angle, the ride is more sport-touring than pure super-sports. The 17.6PS/8,000rpm engine is not as powerful as the Japanese 250cc model, but because it is light and makes good torque at low rpm, it accelerates well, even at low speeds in 5th and 6th gear, making it ideal for street riding.

The GR200R’s frame, brakes and suspension system are all excellent, and it should have no problems with a 300cc or even 400cc engine. Although it is fitted with Thai Vee Rubber tyres as standard, these tyres perform well, both in terms of road feedback and grip, overturning my stereotype of Southeast Asian tyres.

Overall, the GR200R can be used for short urban journeys, long overnight trips and experiential sport rides. Neither HONDA nor KAWASAKI currently sell a single-cylinder sport bike in the 250cc class in Japan, so the only comparable bike is SUZUKI’s GIXXER 250SF, but the GR200R is priced at just 470,000 yen including tax in Japan, so it has no competition. (equivalent to around NT$72,200).

550,000 yen for a track ride!

In addition to the GR200R, which can be purchased for 470,000 yen in Japan, there is also the option to purchase a track version of the GR200R for 550,000 yen, and after one year of competition, the owner can obtain the necessary documents to obtain a licence, such as a vehicle certificate, and then ride it on the general roads once the lamps and other safety equipment have been installed.

The track version not only has all the lights removed, but also comes with a TUKIGI RACING exhaust as standard, a BABY FACE pedal setback and Dunlop TT900GP tyres, so that owners can enjoy a track bike that focuses on taking corners and achieving the best lap times.

The track version of the GR200R does not have upgraded brakes or suspension, but the brakes and suspension are still capable of handling more aggressive driving, and with the TUKIGI RACING exhaust, the power curve is flatter and easier to squeeze out all the power. The BABY FACE footrests are one of the kits that contribute to the deeper lean angle.

Although the GR200R doesn’t have much in the way of electronic control systems and doesn’t offer much in the way of horsepower or torque, it’s still a good choice for a novice rider looking to get started on the track and have fun attacking corners.

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