Great Benefits of Bike Racks

 Great Benefits of Bike Racks

Bicycles are a great way to travel. They provide fitness and transportation benefits, as well as a main source of recreation. In most places around the world, however, bicycles do not have designated trails for their use. Many municipalities have recognized this need and have installed bike racks throughout their cities to allow cyclists to safely store their bikes when they are not using them.

1. Protection from Elements

Bicycles are a fairly delicate piece of equipment. They have very little protection from the elements, and can be damaged by exposure to precipitation or temperature variations. If a cyclist needs to leave his or her bicycle outside, it is best if they can park it under a tree, someplace where it will stay dry. A bike rack provides shelter from rain and snow, as well as shade during hot days. In addition to protecting the bike itself, this also ensures that cyclists do not get wet or overheated when they retrieve their ride after using it.

2. Peace of Mind

When a cyclist leaves his or her bicycle in public on a city street for any length of time, it gives them peace of mind to know exactly where it is. When a bicycle is secure in a bike rack, it is very unlikely that another person will try to steal it. After all, what are the chances of someone breaking into a metal railing system with bars spaced closely together? A person would need considerable tools to try to cut through the bars, which is not an easy or fast process.

3. Ability to Make Secure Locks

Although theft prevention is one benefit of using bike racks, this does not mean cyclists can neglect their own security measures when they use public racks for their bicycles. People who use only locks mounted on the wheel or frame may be disappointed to find that they have nothing securing their wheels when they return from shopping or otherwise running errands. This presents an opportunity for a thief to simply remove the wheel and use it on another bicycle, and then sell the frame or parts later. Instead of using general purpose locks, cyclists should get locks designed specifically for bike racks if they also want protection from theft.

All in all, bike racks do not just provide simple shelter from the elements and safety from theft. They also give people peace of mind that their bicycles will remain undamaged while they are away. This makes them very helpful in ensuring that bicycles remain viable transportation options while encouraging more use so that even more cycling benefits can be realized.

4. Ability to Lock Bikes Directly to Railing

People who use bike racks also have the benefit of being able to directly lock their bicycle to the railing. For example, a cyclist may not be sure whether a metal fence or a wooden pole is strong enough to support his or her bike for a short time. With a bike rack, they can be assured that it will work with their lock and security system.

In addition, bike racks are usually designed with the end user in mind. Where some other types of structures require that cyclists lift their heavy bicycles over horizontal rails or fit them through odd openings, most bike racks feature wide spaces easily accessible from any angle. This makes it easier for riders of all ages and experience levels to securely store their bicycles when necessary.

As long as they are used properly, bike racks provide very real benefits to cyclists of all types. As cycling gains in popularity, more and more cities will integrate these important structures into the urban environment. People who ride bicycles can help themselves by getting locks designed specifically for use on bike racks, making their bicycle safer than ever before while using public transportation options.


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