Guide to pick which bomber jacket suits you well B-3 or G-1!

 Guide to pick which bomber jacket suits you well B-3 or G-1!

One of the most searched and globally popular trends, bomber jackets are a timeless classic with a rich history. This fashion staple is not limited to any border, culture, or language barrier. It is gender-neutral, versatile, and relevant regardless of age.

In modern-day fashion, the term “bomber” often encompasses basically any leather jacket you own. Be it short, zipped, a button-up has knitted cuffs or cropped hems. However, there are more variations and types of bomber jackets than most people are aware of. This outerwear which is now painted with an undefined spectrum actually served a purposeful function. This and more tidbits about bomber jackets will be shared in this thorough guide.

History of the bomber jacket

A bomber jacket like the leather b3 bomber jackets, is traditionally waist-length with a gathered and ribbed hem. They also sport cuffs of similar style and have a zippered front. The design usually carries four pockets at the top and each side. Apart from leather, they are also tailored from materials like cotton, nylon, or polyester.

Through its period of evolution, the bomber jacket had various styles when it comes to collars. It can have a flat and round collar that matched the ribbed waistband. A plain shirt style one is also a common design. Or it has a shearling-lined collar as in the case of B3 bomber jackets.

Looking back at its history, the bomber jacket was first introduced during WWI. Most fighter airplanes of that era were bereft of enclosed cockpits. Pilots were desperately in need of durable and extremely warm outerwear for protection when flying. Thus, the bomber jacket was born purely due to functional reasons. The U.S Army along with the Aviation Clothing board produced it as a part of the official uniform.

With the second World War, another version came to light which was the military surplus b3 bomber jackets. This was a retailoring of the original style which catered to the progress made in aeronautical technology. The planes could now fly at even higher altitudes which called for a warmer garment design. This is why this sheepskin variant of the flying jacket came into being.

So, starting as military clothing, the B-3 shearling jackets and other styles made their way to civilian fashion. Which was not surprising as the most popular icons were seen wearing them on the big screen. From Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” to Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, bomber jackets had a starring role. Bomber jackets were also associated with the skinhead subculture from the 1980s. In recent years, celebrities from Kanye West and Ryan Gosling to David Beckham are seen wearing this outerwear.

The B3 bomber jacket

The B3 bomber jackets men’s fashion was introduced for the first time during World War II as we mentioned earlier. The original model was made from a blend of sheepskin, sheep fur, or shearling for extra warmth.

There are two distinct straps in the design made from leather for holding the collar close. It is a unique element that sets the B3 apart along with serving a functional purpose. Another exclusive feature of this variation is it is without a slim fit or knitted waistband.

The G-1 bomber jacket

To better understand the G-1 bomber jackets, we need to have some information about the model before it. The style was most similar to the A-1 bomber jacket and was based on the M422A that preceded it. The most notable difference was the additional feature of the sheepskin collar.

The G-1 bomber for men is the classic version of bomber jackets replicated many times during the years. It was even used by the military until the Korean War during the 1950s. You can rarely find another outerwear with more attitude and trendiness than this design.

Choosing a bomber jacket that is perfect for you

By this point, you know the difference between G-1 bomber leather jackets and the B3. It is time to discuss how to choose the best fit. When worn for purely sartorial purposes, the bomber jacket’s various styles are flexible and open to experimenting. You can create various interesting looks by combining it with different outfits and textures.

Even though it was originally a part of military uniform, the bomber still has a casual nature. Since back then it was also paired with various functional attires such as khakis and flight suits. When selecting one for yourself, go for an unadorned and plain design to ensure a classic appearance. Leather or suede is the preferable fabric for it in classic shades like brown, green, or navy bomber jackets.

When on the lookout for B-3 bomber jackets for sale, make sure it is well-fitting. Refrain from buying it undersized or oversized. It should fit you accurately so you can zip it up comfortably. The style pairs excellently with high-end casual ensembles like button-down shirts, cords, khakis, and denim. Don’t hesitate to play around with textures like checkered shirts and knit ties with your jacket.

It is best not to layer under your air force green bomber jacket, as it will create a bulky and unflattering silhouette. The best g-1 bomber jackets look appealing with a basic t-shirt underneath and smart trousers and polished shoes. This is not a piece to wear with your shirt hanging out as you will look shabbily dressed. Either tuck it neatly or wear a shirt that is shorter than the jacket’s hem.

Final Thoughts

The fit of a bomber jacket is most important when you are looking to purchase one. The other essential points to consider are color, fabric, and fastening. If you made a purchase with all these elements in mind, then congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an ageless classic that will grace your wardrobe for years to come. This iconic staple is a true investment and lasts the longest if you take good care of it. It is the best option for elevating your look and is comfortable to wear as frequently as you want.

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