Guide to Planning your Dream Wedding

 Guide to Planning your Dream Wedding

A wedding can be one of the most exciting and memorable events in your life. As you plan your dream day, there are many factors to consider. To make your wedding day a success, follow these planning tips.

Plan Your Budget

One of the first things you need to do before planning your wedding is set up a budget for how much you can afford to spend on all aspects of the celebration.

You may want to hire an event planner or consultant with enough experience in this area to help with advice regarding what is the most practical given today’s economy and financial situation.

Most importantly, remember that not everything has to be extravagant; sometimes, simple and classic moments are more treasured than expensive misfires with bad decor or hours wasted standing in any line at all!

Choose the Date

Popular days include Friday and Saturday evenings and Sundays, but it comes down to what makes the most sense for your schedule. You may also want to consider avoiding major holidays, which are already overcrowded with events and have higher accommodation and catering costs.

Choose a Venue

There are many beautiful venues to host your event, whether outdoors or indoors, traditional or modern. Keep in mind that if you choose an outdoor location that there will need to be rain protection.

It should have power for music and other amenities such as food stations. If possible, read reviews about each place you’re considering; this will give you an idea of how flexible the venue is when it comes to changes in timing and re-vamping plans on-site.

Invitations and stationery

You can either send “Save the Date” logo stationery cards or invite your guests to a “Rehearsal Dinner.” If you do not have bridal party members near you, it is recommendable inviting them with a simple phone call. Be sure to indicate anything special they should wear and provide any dress code information.

Determine Who You will Invite

Your guest list should include only people that are important to share this day with you. There are many ways of doing things regarding the number of guests allowed at each table.

This could be dictated by budget constraints or other practical considerations, such as having wheelchair-accessible locations for family members that may require more room.

Choose Your Bridal Party

It is customary to have between four and eight bridesmaids, but there are no rules that dictate who should stand next to you on your big day! Consider choosing women that are closest to you throughout life, whether it be friends or family.

It is also recommendable not to include colleagues here. It can feel an awful lot like a work-related event, rather than a special moment for you. Envision with those you love most in attendance (plus, how awkward would it be if they were seated at different tables during dinner?).

The Dress

For many women around the world, this part of wedding planning is truly exciting! You may wish to set up an appointment with a local designer or shop, or you may choose to have a destination wedding to go on an amazing shopping trip with your mom, sister, or closest friends.

No matter what path you take, remember that it is YOUR day, and do not feel pressured by anyone else’s opinions about the perfect gown for the big day!

Pick Your Bridal Party Attire

This can be tricky if some of your family members live far away; we suggest asking them if they’re happy to finalize their dress choice with you before choosing anything.

If everyone lives nearby, then this part should be easier (having said that, many people these days like things simple and classic, such as shades of charcoal gray or black).

Plan Out Flowers

Wedding flowers can cost thousands of dollars, depending on how many you choose, where you place them, and what type interests you.

Consider your color scheme when thinking of flowers for your wedding; if it’s tight budget-wise, then try to incorporate white flowers throughout to avoid an expensive cost associated with them (plus, white is classic and looks great year after year).

Bottom Line

Planning your dream wedding doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what questions to ask. This guide will provide some helpful tips for planning a streamlined, affordable, and memorable event that is just right for the two of you!


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