Guide to Repairing Your Personal Dirt Bike

 Guide to Repairing Your Personal Dirt Bike

A dirt bike is a two-wheeled off-road motorcycle used for riding on rough terrain. Dirt bikes are primarily designed for dirt, mud, and motocross tracks. But they can be adapted to suit riders’ needs when road conditions are poor or non-existent. If you have ever had your dirt bike before, there’s no doubt that you know how expensive of an investment it is. When things go wrong with the engine, though, suddenly, these repairs can get out of control fast. Even if everything goes fine and nothing bad happens at all. Yet parts need to be replaced every so often to keep your baby running smoothly throughout its life span.

Repairing Your Dirt Bike: Things That You Should Consider

Before you even get into the nuts and bolts of repairing your dirt bike, ensure that you have everything necessary in place. This will provide a safe work environment. Work on your dirtbike only when it is dry outside. Never attempt repairs during wet conditions or while there’s snow on the ground. The reason is that it can be very dangerous to yourself and others around you.

Dirt Bikes are Dangerous: Keep Your Family & Friends Safe

Ensure all bystanders are at least 30 feet away from where you will be working, so they don’t become involved in an accident if something goes wrong with the repair process. Bystanders should wear helmets for protection like anybody else who comes within eyesight of what might turn into ground zero.

Buy or borrow any tools that you will need to complete the job, such as;

  • Sockets and ratchets
  • Screwdrivers (flat head & Phillips)
  • Torque wrenches
  • Allen keys and other special tools depending on what kind of dirt bike it is exactly
  • If you are unsure how to use a particular tool, don’t buy/borrow it until after reading about how you should use these tools well

Work in an area with good lighting to do repairs well without causing damage elsewhere due to bad artistry. Working in darkness might cause injury if something sharp gets jabbed into your leg by mistake. This alone could land you in the hospital for serious infections or worse. Don’t take chances when things go wrong.

Repairing Your Dirt Bike: The Tools You Will Need

If you have a dirt bike, then the chances are that it will need quite a bit of maintenance from time to time for the engine and other parts to run smoothly. There is some beginner-friendly advice below so that anybody can do these repairs with ease. Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly sure how to do this on your own because prior experience isn’t there.

Buy or borrow the following tools before starting any repairs:

● Socket Wrench Set with Sockets in Various Drive Sizes (SAE & Metric)

● Torque Wrench

● Screwdrivers (Flat Head & Phillips)

● Allen Keys/Hex Key Set

● Pliers in Several Different Configurations

Here’s a list of some common Dirt bike parts that might need replacing over time. Investing money into these parts will ensure trouble-free use for many years. You can buy all these parts from any local motorcycle shop. Don’t go too cheap by buying online because this could lead to problems later down the road if things are not well during replacement. Replace each of these parts when they show signs of wear and tear:

● Chain & Sprocket Kit (Standard/O-Ring Type) – Replace every 2000 miles or once a year.

● Handle Bar Grips:

These should be replaced whenever you replace the handlebars themselves. This will ensure that both are aligned with one another for optimal safety while riding.

● Fork Seals: If the oil starts leaking from below, then it’s time to get new ones. Make sure to use fork seal grease before installing them so that there won’t be any problems later on during your next ride.

● Air Filter Element Replacement;

This should occur no more than once per season, depending on how often you ride. But if replacement is needed sooner, then make sure to buy quality parts for this procedure.

● Drive Chain Replacement

Once a year is enough if you don’t ride too often, but make sure to check the tension frequently so that it doesn’t get loose and cause damage while riding.


Repairing a dirtbike might be easy enough. But things get dangerous when you lack the right tools because an injury could occur if not done well. Don’t let this happen to you.

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