Guide to Sell Your Home Smoothly

Many home sellers tend to desire a stress-free selling process, where they will list their property, find a buyer, collect money and give them keys. Unfortunately, the home selling process is not a cakewalk. Even though a Durham Region real estate agent can make things easier, you need to be mentally prepared as a seller and take smart steps.

Do you wonder what you should do to sell your home easily? Follow these guidelines below:

Hire a Real Estate Agent

You can search online for the top real estate agents in your location, history, and designation.

Please pay attention to how and where they market their listings and whether or not they use professional photos. Find out their designations to get an idea about their areas of expertise. You can also sell your home independently, but taking their help is worth it.

A skilled real estate agent does what it takes until you see a board with the text – “Your home sold guaranteed.” They expose your home to a broad audience and negotiate on your behalf to attract the most profitable offers.

If you manage the selling process yourself, you will have to modify your home, promote it, review buyer offers, negotiate the selling price, and get closure.

Set a Timeline for Home Selling

Selling a home takes 2 to 4 months and sometimes even longer, depending on regional market conditions and the amount of available stock. Once you decide to sell your home, research the best Durham Region real estate agent.

Before listing your property for sale, perform a pre-sale home inspection at least 2 to 3 months before it. The pre-sale home inspection helps detect problematic areas, mainly mechanical or structural issues, which you need to fix to facilitate the selling process. Spending sufficient time scheduling required home renovation.

Start working on staging and deep cleaning your property to click good pictures approximately a month before listing your home. Befiewisting your home, research and interview the leading real estate agents. Declutter your home, move unnecessary items to a storage unit, inspect the property to detect any issues, schedule repairs as and when required, deep clean, stage your home and click professional pictures.

Inspect Your Home Before Selling

A pre-sale home examination is an optional but wise upfront investment. Before listing your home for sale, a comprehensive inspection report shows any mechanical or structural issues. The pre-sale inspection costs extra money but alerts you in advance on matters that buyers won’t like when they perform an inspection later.

If you are a few steps ahead of the buyers, you can accelerate the home selling process by doing repairs and other home preparation-related tasks. When your home makes its place in the marketplace, it should be saleable and flawless to get sold quickly. 

Click Professional Images

When working with your real estate agent, book a professional photographer to click attractive photos of your home. High-quality images help you get into potential buyers’ minds and sell your property quickly. A real estate agent can also offer you photography and virtual online tours with their services.

In case they don’t, you can easily find a good photographer. Their fees depend on your home size, location, and time required to click photos. Professional photographers with a solid portfolio know how to make your rooms look larger, brighter, and more attractive. Your lawn and other outdoor areas can look the best in photos.

Dull online pictures can turn off potential homebuyers. So, make sure you post the best images online to attract genuinely interested buyers.

Fix a Realistic Price

To see a board with the text, “Your home sold guaranteed” ASAP, you need to fx a realistic price. No matter how good your home is, no one would like to pay more than they can afford or what your competitors ask for. So, set the perfect price.

Both are overestimating, and underestimating your home can cause delays in the home selling process. Check the neighborhood properties to set the right price and datasheets regarding recently sold properties in a particular location. By looking at the data, you can understand what home buyers like at which price.

The Bottom Line

Selling your home can be stress-free if you follow the guide above. Nothing can create complications if you take the proper steps at the right time. All the best.

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