Guide to shaving your head with the Best Head Shaver for Men

 Guide to shaving your head with the Best Head Shaver for Men

Are you looking for some useful tips and tricks that will assist you in getting the best shave possible?  Just scroll through which will help you to get a better understanding of how to properly shave your head and sport that captivating bald look.

(1)  Always take your time: This holds true whether you are making use of a multi-blade cartridge Razor Head or a safety Razor Head. If you shake your head in a rush, you will most likely nick yourself. Always consider shaving your head as a mini self-care ritual, instead of trying to shave as quickly as possible just ten minutes before you head out of the door. First, enjoy a long steamy shower, and exfoliate thoroughly before you begin the actual shaving process.

(2) Steam and Exfoliate: Always make sure that your head is warm and exfoliated before you start shaving with the Best Head Shaver for Men. It is always better to shave at the end of the shower after a thorough exfoliation. Always think of exfoliating as a mini message and never skimp on it. This will not only give you an amazing feeling but will also soften the hair and unclog the pores.

(3) Apply soap or Pre-shave oil: Pre Shave Oil is preferable as it moisturizes simultaneously. But, soap is also a good option. Always focus on one area of your scalp at a time and never lather up all the areas of your whole scalp at once. You can also run the pre-shave oil in, and then quickly rinse your hands with soap so that you can get a good grip on your razor handle as you shave with a sharp and smooth Razor Head.

(4) Never apply too much pressure: Well-kept Razor Headhave a beautiful weight to them as they are made of solid brass. Thus, you only need to gently glide the razor over your skin and its weight will apply the pressure for you. To get the best results, you should know how to perfectly hold the razor. But, as a good rule of thumb, you need to position the razor at a 30-degree angle.

(5) Always go with the grain: If you are shaving for the first time, or you are new to it, always try to shave with the grain. Shaving against the grain with the Best Head Shaver for Men can cause skin irritation and razor burns, particularly where the skin is thin and sensitive. It is also much harsher. You can also do a second with the grain, either across the grain or against the grain, depending on how close you get with your fast pass. It also depends on particular hair and scalp and also on the area where you are shaving.

(6) Keep the Razor Head clean: After every few passes, you need to rinse out the Razor Head. Grasp the Razor Head from the top and bottom and loosen it a half turn. After this, you can just swish it through a small bowl of water or run it under the shower to make sure that all build-ups like hair, skin, oil, and gunk are properly removed. The key to avoiding irritation is to always keep the blade clean and sharp.

(7) Always keep the blades sharp: Have you ever asked someone how often do they change their razor blades? You might have noticed that most of them avoid eye contact at any cost. This could be due to two possible reasons, either they know the time frame they would give is totally outrageous or they are lying. Don’t worry. There are many who don’t change their razor blades on time.

An integral part of avoiding Razor Burns and ingrown hairs is to ensure that the Razor Head is sharp. And the best part of using a safety razor is that the cost of the blades is so negligible that you simply cannot have any excuses. It’s better to purchase the blades in bulk as then the cost comes down to a great extent. Also, you have the option to collect the Razor Head and recycle them. So, after every shave with the Best Head Shaver for Men, go ahead and replace your blades.

The Bottom Line:

So, these were some of the most useful tips and tricks on how you can shave your head while making use of the Best Head Shaver for Men. Hope this article helps you before you gear up for shaving your head.

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