Health Hazards of Excessive Consumption of Green Chilies and Sour Pickles

 Health Hazards of Excessive Consumption of Green Chilies and Sour Pickles

Spicy vegetables like chilies and pickled fruits and vegetables can add a special flavor to dishes without much effort. However, consuming them regularly until they become part of the diet is a different matter. The question is whether the body can withstand this constant onslaught of burnt, edible foods. When spicy and pickled foods are a regular part of the menu, food intolerances become a problem.

Green Chili and Sour Pickles

Some very good cooks, like Jamie Oliver, were addicted to green chilies. He was excited about the chemical wellness potential of this pungent vegetable, but she was fooled by its exaggerated vitamin C benefits. Like a famous British chef, she was deciding whether or not to eat green chilies.

Jamie sometimes uses chilies to teach children things. However, it is doubtful that a female cook, with her small stature, could do such a thing.

If Jamie is a master pickle maker who pairs pears with chilies, mangoes with apricots, and radishes with cilantro, the female cook is the perfect partner for pickles with green fruits like green papaya and green plums. Aside from eating the chilies, Jamie’s pickles should be saved as a recipe. Lady Chef was once hospitalized for an overdose of chili peppers and sour pickles Aha! Didn’t she know that chili peppers and sour pickles could be deadly?

Health Hazards

It’s obvious that you can’t eat sour chilies and pickles as staple food. The stomach protests when its walls are irritated. Frequent and repeated vomiting disrupts eating and makes meals simply unbearable. Even worse, it can be a symptom of a gastric ulcer. This is the result of a preference that puts common sense aside. After all, a good, experienced cook is not necessarily a nutritionist who makes intelligent decisions in food selection.

While it’s fun to enjoy the occasional pickled pepper, consuming an unhealthy amount of pickles can be detrimental. Moderation is key when it comes to eating spicy foods.

I have a grandmother who knows a lot about food, but she is far superior to this cook. She hates chilies in general, so chilies have been banned from her table. Honestly, no one likes to break her food rules and get a sore throat.

No one in the family had the time or energy to macerate pickles, so it’s a double whammy that the whole family was spared the wrath of Hippocrates, who used food as medicine!

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