Sunknowledge – An Ideal One Stop Destination Catering to all your Healthcare Virtual Assistance Needs

 Sunknowledge – An Ideal One Stop Destination Catering to all your Healthcare Virtual Assistance Needs

healthcare virtual assistance

A medical virtual assistant has a huge scope of activities and a wide range of tasks when it comes to the healthcare industry. It not only supports general physicians. In fact, it is much more by providing equal benefits for all house call physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists and for various specialists.

Supporting your entire operation starting from urgent care centers, group practices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers etc, a healthcare virtual assistance task covers –

  • Intake of new patient entry and referrals
  • Taking care of your appointment setting
  • Scheduling, managing cancelations, and sending reminders to patients.
  • Organizing files accordingly in your database.
  • Medical billing
  • coding
  • continous Follow ups
  • Prescription refilling
  • Email management
  • Transferring physical forms into a digital format and many more

With the advantage of mitigating long waiting hours and time, a VA ensures faster verification and claims management process. Managing your payroll and providing a financial report for a better understanding of cash flow. A VA makes your life easy by taking complete responsibility for all the administrative tasks and other routine activities. A VA further help in ensuring more attention to patient care. In fact, the benefits of a VA are many like:

  • Better patient relationship – when you no longer have to worry about billing issues and have sufficient time, you end up more time with the patient which is the key to growing your practice.
  • Help you with a better operation – keeping your workload manageable, a virtual assistance saves you a whole lot of money; as you just pay for the hours you need. In fact, by staying up to date on all the latest developments, you get the complete support with new tasks when your practice grows larger.

In fact, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the leading RCM solutions with more than a decade of experience offering complete healthcare virtual assistance at only $7 per hour. So stop worrying about your limited space at your practice and Sunknowledge Services Inc will be the perfect fit.


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