Healthy Benefits of Intercourse

 Healthy Benefits of Intercourse

You can have a long life and remain young if you enjoy an excellent sex life. A recent study in UK claimed that men who relished several orgasms in a week had lesser death rate than those who indulged in sex less than once a month. A hormone known as DHEA assists in the promotion of exciting intercourse and increases when you indulge in lovemaking act.

DHEA promotes tissue repair, boosts immunity, enhances bony growth, keeps skin healthy and improves our thinking. It works like an antidepressant medication that improves the heart health.

While sexual intercourse is a good thing, enjoying it with your love partner is doubly better and enjoyable. A greater bonding and understanding between the couples will improve feelings of love and intimacy, heal the mind and body and offer the best sexual experience. If both you and your partner care for each other, there is a strong possibility of a deeper connection and intimacy. This condition reduces the chances of suffering from a debilitating disease or a premature death.

Healthy benefits of intercourse

There are certain positive and healthy benefits of intercourse which is effective by the act of hugging, cuddling or stroking. Babies who get more than 3 massages per day are more likely to remain healthy and gain weight than those who were not cuddled or massaged. Even erotic massage is a great way to improve sexual experience and reap the healthy benefit of copulation. This activity makes both the partner happy and contended.

You will be surprised to know that a pleasurable and fun filled sexual intercourse has several benefits. Let’s study all these benefits in detail

Benefits of a satisfactory and pleasurable intercourse

  1. Boosts your immune system

Studies have shown that sexually active people take fewer risks as compared to those who had sex less often. Higher levels of a certain antibody have been found among students who had sex twice a week.  Make sure that you do all these things that makes your immune system happy, such as :

  • Stay active
  • Have a balanced diet
  • Get sound sleep
  • Take vaccination at regular intervals
  • Use a condom to avoid any form of infection
  1. Improves your libido

Lovemaking at regular duration will make intercourse better and pleasurable. A healthy intercourse will enable people to crave for more.

  1. Improves the bladder control of women

A healthy intercourse is vital for strong pelvic floor muscles. After expiring contractions, it causes contractions which strengthen them.

  1. Keeps blood pressure under control

As per a recent research, there is a strong link between a sexual intercourse and lower blood pressure. Sex lowers systolic blood pressure and keeps people in mood.

  1. Intercourse is a great form of exercise

Though intercourse can’t replace the treadmill, but it pumps up the heart rate and sheds extra calories.   People who live a sedentary lifestyle can improve their physical fitness and agility through a healthy sexual intercourse. You can take time from your hectic schedule to indulge in it on a regular basis. Consistency will enable a person to maximize the benefits.  Men can rely on Kamagra Tablets UK, a Sildenafil powered medication, to stay hard and relish multiple pleasurable orgasms.

More Benefits of a satisfactory and pleasurable intercourse

  1. Reduces the risk of heart attacks

A good sex life is vital for a healthy heart.  Besides keeping your testosterone and estrogen levels in balance, it is a great way to raise your heart rate. As per a study, people who had intercourse twice a week are less likely to die of heart problems.

  1. Reduces Pain

Studies have shown that a pleasurable orgasm releases a hormone that lessens pain. Genital self stimulation reduces arthritic pain, headache and menstrual cramps.

  1. Lessens the risk of prostate cancer

As per a recent study, men who ejaculated more than 21 times in a month are less likely to get prostate cancer. The interesting part is that men don’t need a partner to avail this benefit: masturbation and  nocturnal emission are all part of this equation.

  1. Improves slumber

After a satisfactory intercourse, the hormone prolactin gets released in the body which offers a feeling of sleepiness and relaxation.

  1. Offers relief from Stress

 Being close to your love partner can offer relief from anxiety and stress. Touching and hugging releases body’s natural feel good hormone and arouses a chemical that revs up brain pleasure. Intercourse and intimacy not only boosts your happiness and self- esteem, but is also a prescription for a healthy love life.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that by engaging in pleasure intercourse, you will get a healthy heart, a peaceful mind and healthy bones. So whenever you feel like having intercourse, know that your health care professional will also agree that it is a healthy thing to do.  Males can also try a natural erection enhancing PDE 5 inhibitor called Kamagra online to get hard and enjoy fun filled love making act.

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