Healthy Contact Lenses – Your Options

 Healthy Contact Lenses – Your Options

Want to know how to choose healthy contact lenses? Contact lens makers are constantly striving to create the perfect contact lens. Find out which modern lenses give you the best health benefits, convenience, and comfort.

The healthiest soft contact lenses Canada on the market are daily disposable, biocompatible contact lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses.

Daily disposable lenses

You probably know that if you follow your doctor’s instructions to clean your contact lenses, they will not look as good to you as when you first take them out of the package. And if you are a little too comfortable with your lens care, they can feel even worse. There is a simple solution to this problem – contact lenses that you can refresh every morning and throw out in the evening.

Many ophthalmologists agree that daily disposable contact lenses are the healthiest choice for contact. Comfort and convenience are not the only benefits of daily disposable lenses. In addition, there is no daily accumulation, and the risk of eye infections is minimal. And if you accidentally lose or tear your glasses – no problem – take another lens out of the box.

Daily disposable contact lenses have come down in the last few years, and now they are much cheaper. Keeping in mind that you will not need any lens care products, the dailies will not charge you more than the monthly disposable. Daily disposable lenses can also be a money saver if you only wear your contacts once in a while. Even if you only wear them once, weekly and monthly disposable lenses have to be thrown out after they expire. If you open a new contact package every day whenever you need to wear contact lenses, though – and if that doesn’t happen often – a pack of 30 lenses will last you a long time.

There are many daily disposable contacts in the market. 1 Day Aquino by Johnson & Johnson, Focus Delays by CubaVision, and Suffolk One Day by Bowsh & Lomb are healthy and affordable daily disposable contacts.

Bio-compatible contact lenses

Do you know why your contact lenses do not look so good in your eyes till the end of the day? The main reason for this is that your body tries to eliminate foreign objects in your eyes by combining them with proteins, lipids, and lipids from the surrounding fluids. But there is a way to prevent this “rejection” reaction – it is possible to create a lens that is compatible with your body. In other words, your body will not see the lens as ‘foreign’ and will not try to fight it.

Advanced technology can create healthy contact lenses with PC (phosphorylcholine) – a substance found naturally in human cells. The contact lens we are talking about here is Proclear Compatibles by CooperVision. The PC used in Proclear Compatibles makes a healthy biocompatible lens material that feels comfortable and moist for many hours. Silicone hydrogel contactsThis lens is also very resistant to dehydration, so it is ideal for people who suffer from dry eyes.

You probably know that in the case of traditional contact lenses, the higher the water percentage, the better for you. However, there is another way to keep your lenses moist, with less water (30-40%) and newer material – silicone hydrogel.

Because the lens has less water, it has a lower risk of dehydration, and the silicone hydrogel material makes it feel moist and very soft in your eye.

Successful silicone lenses are Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Advance and Bausch & Lomb’s PureVision (both brands also have torque lenses). Acuvue Oasys is the latest silicone hydrogel contact lens and deserves a particular word. It is made from an advanced material called synophilcon A and is highly comfortable for people with dry and sensitive eyes.

Proclear Compatibles, mentioned above, also belong to the silicon hydrogel group of lenses.

Are your existing contact lenses healthy? If you are still recommended the traditional monthly disposable or – God forbid! – Annual replacement contact lenses, then it’s time to switch to the healthier option. Ask your doctor if they can fit you with any healthy contact lenses mentioned above, and notice the difference.

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