Here Are The 5 Best Instagram Widget Tools For WordPress

 Here Are The 5 Best Instagram Widget Tools For WordPress

Social media platforms have become a new breeding ground for brands and marketers to promote their products and services. It has evolved to become a platform that allows brands to widen out their reach and target their potential customers more effectively and efficiently. 

Out of all social media platforms, it is undeniable that Instagram, with a user base of over 1 billion monthly active users, totally steals the show with its unmissable and striking presence. Taking advantage of this, brands began to include Instagram in their marketing efforts. Brands and budding marketers have begun to embed Instagram feed on WordPress websites to reap maximum benefits. 

Adopting this strategy has emerged to become a boon for brands who are struggling to increase the website engagement of their visitors, to increase their visitors’ dwell time, or to increase sales and conversions. 

If you have a business website on WordPress, there are many tools available that can help you do the needful, however, it is important to use the best tool. 

This blog will give you an insight into the best tools that can help you create and embed the Instagram widget in a couple of clicks and minutes. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Top 5 Instagram Widget Tools For Your WordPress Website 

1. Tagembed

First up on the list is Tagembed – Social Media Aggregator tool (Dedicated WP plugin also available). This tool is a promising social media aggregation tool designed to exclusively collect, curate, and embed content from various social media platforms including Instagram. 

Tagembed has made its way into becoming the most popular social media aggregator due to its advanced features and ability to increase the impact and effectiveness of the Instagram widget. The users can use the customization options offered by the platform to enhance the look of the Instagram widget. They can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, themes, and many other styling options. 

The tool offers a content moderation panel to its users for removing any unwanted or objectionable content from the widget. It is crucial to ensure that you publish premium quality content. 

Not just this, the platform also lets the users keep the performance of the content in check by getting crucial insights. The users of the tool can also take assistance from the back-end team of the platform if they come across any hindrance while using the platform. 

2. Taggbox Widget

The second tool on the list is Taggbox. This tool is also another leading and promising tool that enables the users to collect and embed content from various social media platforms including Instagram. 

The tool is quite responsive and offers a variety of features that work well to enhance the effectiveness of the Instagram widget. The users can customize the widget using a variety of options, moderate the content and make use of the back support team if required. 

3. Juicer 

Juicer is another platform that is used by its users to collect, curate, and embeds social media content on their website. The users can curate content from various platforms including Instagram. 

Using the tool, the users can aggregate content using specific hashtags, stories, videos, etc. The users can also moderate the content before making it live on the website. You can also customize the Instagram widget to suit the overall look and feel of the website.

4. Elfsight 

Another great tool for creating an Instagram widget on the website is Elfsight. The users of the tool can adjust the width and height of the Instagram widget according to the look and feel of their website. 

Elfisght also allows the users to get a preview of the Instagram widget before publishing it on the website. Overall, Elfsight is a highly responsive social media aggregation tool that can be used by brands to increase their marketing efforts. 

5. Curator 

Curator is a good option to aggregate feeds from various platforms including Instagram. The users can keep the performance of the Instagram widget in check and have a look at analytics to get details like views, total engagement, etc. 

Additionally, the tool also offers the option to moderate the content before publishing it. The users can remove the inappropriate and objectionable content before making it live on the website.  

The Conclusion 

Embedding an Instagram widget on the website has emerged to become one of the most highly used marketing trends and brands are enjoying the amazing benefits that come with it. 

You too can enjoy the benefits of this strategy by simply adopting it. Go on now, choose the tool that deems fit as per your requirements and you will be good to go!

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