High value, sporting power and black technology, unlocking the reasons why the New MG ZS is a hit

 High value, sporting power and black technology, unlocking the reasons why the New MG ZS is a hit

In 2021, SAIC MG has delivered a perfect answer, ranking among the top 10 single-brand sales in 17 countries worldwide with annual global sales of 470,000 units and year-on-year growth of 69.0%! The MG5 and MG ZS models both broke 100,000 units, making an outstanding contribution to the sales of SAIC MG. So let’s take a look at why SAIC MG’s global ultimate sports SUV, the New MG ZS, has been able to capture so many consumers today, shall we?

The “MG” is a high-value vehicle that easily occupies the C-seat
With the post-90s becoming the main group of car buyers, they are more inclined to choose a high-value model, after all, “value is justice”! From this point of view, the New MG ZS is the C-seat model, easily capturing the hearts of young people. The new color scheme of St. Moritz Blue restores the sporty nature of the car, highlighting the fun-loving genes of young people. The Energy Red brake calipers bring out the sporty DNA! A car for today’s youth is a car with the right look, just like the New MG ZS!

“Sporty and sporty!
The New MG ZS is equipped with a 1.3T twin-injected turbocharged engine with a maximum output of 163 hp and 230 Nm of torque, which compares favourably with the parameters of many mainstream 1.5T engines in the market. In congested urban areas, the start is light and smooth, with power ready to go, while at highway speeds, the acceleration is ample without pulling the crotch, giving the owner a great driving experience.
The 1.3T engine is mated to an Aisin third-generation 6AT gearbox, which is quite famous. The gearshift is smooth and easy, comparable to a CVT transmission, and the fuel consumption is even better, at 6.6L per 100km. “The world is so big, I want to see it. Drive the New MG ZS and discover all the beauty in the world!

“Black technology+, high energy intelligence shows the interesting soul
The New MG ZS is equipped with the Internet car Venus Intelligent System 3.0, which enables the world’s leading Internet car intelligent mobility system, “Life on Cloud”, by simply giving the “Zebra” command. The new Zebra is the world’s leading Internet car smart mobility system. Based on the new Gaode Nebula AI engine algorithm, it can predict the needs of car owners and intelligently display the road map for commuting to and from work; the warmer artificial intelligence voice system brings a more relaxed communication experience; with full access to the Ali ecosystem, car owners can easily order coffee, find cinemas and book tickets, opening up a smart lifestyle.

With the three highlights of high value, sportiness and black technology, it’s no surprise that the New MG ZS is a hit! We look forward to more surprises from the MG ZS series in the future! We hope that SAIC MG will continue to shine in the future and design more outstanding trendy items with global quality!

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