Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett National Park

 Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett National Park

This Holi, the Jim Corbett national park, will treat you to a village spectacle with a colorful and traditional sunny theme. In our Holi Mela Theme Lunch, do it the way our dear Krishna Kanhaiya would, with Phool and Thandai. Holi celebration with natural colors in a special arrangement. Make your Holi memorable with Punjabi Dhol, Sweet, Gujia, Snacks, and Natural Gulal.

The Jim Corbett Resort combines a paradisiacal setting with the comforts of impeccable service. The resort is spread across several acres and has elegant housing for a relaxing visit. The accommodations in this lovely resort have a view that overlooks the hills and verdant surroundings. Buy our Holi Packages for Jim Corbett Resort now and enjoy your Holi celebrations like a pro with memories to last a lifetime.

Things To Do At Jim Corbett National Park

  • Its in-house naturalist will take you on a bird watching and nature walk.
  • Riding a bicycle through the village is a great way to see everything there is to see in
  • At our own Gaushala, we’re milking the cows.
  • On Chhoti Holi, there will be a live evening performance.
  • A Wildlife Documentary Session with Our In-House Naturalist in the Evening
  • There will be a line for snacks and soft drinks at the bar.

Highlights On Holi

  • On arrival, there will be a complimentary drink.
  • This blooming Holi becomes one with nature’s colors.
  • There is nothing artificial here, just the power of flowers to spread joy – please respect our traditional Holi festival by not bringing powdered or watercolors.
  • With a village meal theme party and sunshine lunch, experience our carnival of color with simply flower petals and the local flavor.
  • On Chhoti Holi, experience the wildness with a dinner under the sky, live performances, and specially tailored food and beverage deals.

Places To Visit

River walks and river photography can also be arranged at the Kosi River, directly below the Vanya River Lodge in the Corbett National Park. River activities are available in the group and Jeep Safaris, Camel Safaris, and Canter Safaris from Vanya River Resort in Corbett. Vanya River Lodge& Resort is also near an adventurous activity zone (about a 5-minute walk away). Gol Ghar Restaurant is the most excellent alternative for Ethnic Tasty Food Restaurant outdoors. The restaurant is well-known among travelers for serving rich and delectable North Indian and Kumaoni cuisine at reasonable prices. The Kumaoni Raita and Pahari Chicken are must-tries.


In Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park, celebrate Holi, the festival of colors. Holi is regarded to be the most cheerful holiday because, on this day, everyone forgets about life’s joys and sorrows and becomes immersed in the colors of Holi. On this Holi celebration, Hello Corbett has created special Holi packages for you with various activities like music, games, natural colors, and a delicious dessert called “Gujiya.” So keep this color festival in mind when planning your next trip to jim corbett national park packages.

Are you all set for the Holi celebrations? Simply choose your resort or hotel based on your preferences and enjoy an endless amount of entertainment. Simply book one of our all-inclusive Corbett Holi packages to make your Holi even more memorable.

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