Hollywood Celebrities From the Past

 Hollywood Celebrities From the Past

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Hollywood has a long and colorful history, and a number of stars have been involved in the past. Here is a look at some of the more famous faces that have ties to the past, from Baby Ashlee to Meryl Streep. Besides being actors, these Hollywood Celebrities are also known as musicians, and their names are familiar to fans of music.

Willard Carroll Smith

Willard Carroll Smith, formerly known as Will Smith, is one of the most bankable Hollywood celebrities. According to Forbes, 17 of his 21 films have earned at least $100 million worldwide. Five of his movies have grossed more than $500 million. Overall, he has earned more than $6.6 billion at the worldwide box office. Smith’s films have also earned him Best Actor Oscar nominations for Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness.


One of the biggest shows in Hollywood is the “Big Bang Theory.” In 2006, Mayim Khan starred as Dr. Amy Parrah Fowler in the CBS sitcom. She was nominated for four Emmy Awards and won the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Bialik has been in the showbiz industry since she was thirteen. She is a vegan and a well-known dancer. She also plays the piano and is an advocate of Attachment Parenting.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp first became a popular star after starring in the 1990s film, 21 Jump Street. After the success of this film, he took on roles he thought he would enjoy and succeed in the box office. His first film after 21 Jump Street was Minililly, a musical comedy based on the life of a silent film star. Though it was not a box office hit when it first came out, it has since achieved cult status. The next year, Johnny Depp played the title role in Tim Burton’s romantic fantasy film, Edward Scissorhands, alongside Dianne Wiest and Winona Ryder. The film grossed $53 million worldwide, and Depp received a second Golden Globe nomination for his role in the film.

Meryl Streep

If you’re looking for an actress to play a leading role in your next movie, Meryl Streep has a long list of acting credits. She has been a nominee for numerous acting awards, including the Academy Award for best supporting actress. She has also starred in films including The Prom films and It’s Complicated. She also earned several accolades in recent years, including an honorary membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is an American actress who became famous for her role in “Demolition Man.” She has since become an international star, starring in films such as “Speed” and “Miss Congeniality.” Bullock was married to actor Jesse James for seven years, and adopted two children. She is currently in a relationship with photographer Bryan Randall.

Rene Zellweger

Rene Zellweger is a Texas native and Los Angeles-based actress. She was known for her bouts of imposter syndrome and her seemingly never-ending disbelief that she is a Hollywood star. Still, she has made a successful comeback in her career and earned an Oscar nomination.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire was born in Santa Monica, California on June 27, 1975. His mother Wendy introduced him to the film industry by enrolling him in a drama class. After failing to graduate from high school, he decided to pursue acting instead. His first role was in a non-speaking part in 1989’s “Blossom.”

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