HONDA CBR150R light gear sports car facelift! Double LED headlights

 HONDA CBR150R light gear sports car facelift! Double LED headlights

PT Astra Motor Honda, HONDA’s subsidiary in Indonesia, unveiled the 2021-style CBR150R without warning on the evening of 12 January under the slogan “THE REAL SPORTS BIKE WITH BIGGER RACING SENSATION”.
A smaller version of the CBR250RR!
The most significant change to the exterior of the newly revealed CBR150R is definitely the double-layered LED headlights, which are more than 90% similar to those of the CBR250RR, making the front end even sharper and more aggressive.

The rear suspension is also a mid-mounted multi-link, but the front fork has been changed from the current model’s upright to inverted fork, further improving suspension rigidity and reducing spring weight!

The information on the full LCD instrument panel is also largely the same as the current model, with different colors used for different information to enhance recognition.

All lights on the 2021 CBR150R are LED, including the directional lights and taillights, and support the Emergency Stop Signal system, which automatically flashes double yellow lights when the brakes are applied in an emergency.

Another exciting feature is the auxiliary sliding clutch! This will help to reduce the stress of operating the clutch and increase the margin for error for new riders entering the world of motorcycling.

Unfortunately, despite the inclusion of the slipper clutch, the 2021 CBR150R is powered by the same 149cc water-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine, with maximum horsepower remaining at 17.1PS/9,000rpm and maximum torque at 1.47kgf.m/7,000rpm, which is close to 20ps compared to its rivals such as the YZF-R15 and GSX-R150. With a maximum horsepower of nearly 20ps, the figures are a bit underwhelming.

Although HONDA has not yet announced the official price of the 2021 model year CBR150R, it has only confirmed that there will be two versions, one with ABS and one without.

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