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Coming back after a hard day at work is much more pleasant if we know that a relaxing bath will be waiting for us in our home. Until recently, your own home jacuzzi was a luxury that few could afford – today hot tubs are more and more often found in Polish bathrooms. In this article, we present the most important information about the available types of bathtubs, methods of their installation and maintenance. Be sure to read them if you plan to buy such a bathtub in the near future.

Types of whirlpool bathtubs – how do they differ from each other?

Home SPA can be arranged in several ways, because manufacturers offer a huge number of types of hot tubs. The basic division into categories concerns their shape, where it can distinguish:

  • rectangular,
  • corner,
  • oval,
  • round,
  • hexagonal,
  • octagonal.

Such a wide selection is good news for everyone who plans to equip their bathroom with such a bathtub – thanks to the huge number of shapes, you can easily choose their type to the dimensions of your own bathroom. The fact that hot tubs can be both free-standing and adjacent to the wall also give great arrangement possibilities .

The wide range of manufacturers also includes types of bathtubs due to the type of massage they offer. Here you can choose between:

  • Water massage bath – jets are placed on the side walls, on the backrest and in the place where the feet are placed. Each of the nozzles is regulated, so you can change the type of massage.
  • Air massage bathtub – the nozzles are located at the bottom of the bathtub and on its sides – unfortunately, they cannot be adjusted. This type of bathtub is recommended for muscle aches, bruises and cramps.
  • A bathtub with water-air massage is a combination of the two above-mentioned types by combining a water pump with an air blower.

Each of these types can be further divided according to the number of nozzles the bathtub is equipped with – of course, the more nozzles there are, the higher the price of the product. In the solutions available on the market, the bathtubs have from 4 to 12 nozzles.

Installation of a whirlpool tub – practical information

Experts advise against self-assembly of a hot bath tub whirlpool bath tub , if we do not have adequate knowledge about the operation of the system. A consultation with a specialist will be required, whose task will be to determine what requirements must be met by the electrical and water systems for the bathtub to function properly. In addition, its installation should be taken into account already at the construction stage of the house to ensure access to appropriate installations, including ventilation.

It is also recommended to have a separate electrical circuit as a possible failure could damage the wiring throughout the home. For many models, the use of an RCD or even a three-phase power supply is also recommended. Under no circumstances should you perform these works yourself – you will need the help of a service technician or an electrician.

Fixing a hot tub is different from installing a classic tub. First of all, a home jacuzzi is placed on special (aluminum) racks or legs. The casing should not be attached to the wall or floor, because vibrations that arise when using the massage option may damage the structure of the wall and the bathtub itself.

The front of the bathtub is covered with a special panel, which is to protect against flooding, and at the same time allow easy access to the pump and installations inside. It is also necessary to provide easy access to the devices located under the bathtub, to have access to them in the event of problems with their functioning.

Can a hot tub be installed in every bathroom?

If our bathroom has all the installations connected, the only limitation if you want to install a whirlpool tub may be its size. It is worth remembering that such bathtubs are relatively large , and there must be a sufficient amount of space around them, so there may be a problem with their installation in a small room. This does not mean, however, that with a small bathroom, it cannot create a home SPA.

The solution is special nozzles and hydromassage panels, which are intended for shower cabins . They allow you to turn an ordinary shower into a place for relaxation and regenerating baths. One example is the Deante Selena shower panel , which has six nozzles with the possibility of adjusting the strength and direction of the water jet, as well as five spray options.

Maintenance of the whirlpool tub

In order for the hot tub to serve us for many years, it is necessary to regularly clean its pipes , because the water remaining in them is an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. This can be avoided by taking proper care of the massage systems. How to do it?

You will need to use an appropriate agent – for example, Deante bathroom cleaner . First, fill the bathtub with water so that the systems can start working, then add the preparation and leave the bathtub for a few minutes. Repeat the activity again, but without the use of a cleaning agent.

It should also be remembered that the entire whirlpool system must be drained after each use of the bathtub . For this purpose, air ducts are activated so that dirt is removed by means of a draft of air. It is also worth wiping the whole thing with a soft cloth that will not scratch the surface.

Summary – SPA in your home

Hot tubs are an excellent proposition for those who dream of a place in their own home where you can relax after a hard days. In the past, they were reserved only for a few, today, thanks to the wide range of manufacturers, everyone can choose a solution that meets their expectations, and at the same time fits into the home budget. The luxury thus obtained, well worth its price.


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