How Can Companies Tackle Energy Waste Issues?

 How Can Companies Tackle Energy Waste Issues?

While energy is the driving force of development, energy costs can significantly burden companies. For a company to keep its production active – heating, cooling, lighting, and more – it needs a consistent energy supply. But in the absence of sufficient technologies, resources, and processes, energy-related costs can go up. To stay productive and profitable, it must take proper steps to use and manage energy efficiently. This article explores some of the key ways a company can smartly deal with energy challenges. 

When talking about energy management and energy efficiency, we can not ignore the context of energy waste. It is alarming to note that a whopping 68% of all energy is rejected energy, which is wasted through various inefficiencies. (Source). 

The steps that need to be taken to reduce energy waste can vary from one industry to another. However, below are some ways that can be helpful to reduce industrial energy costs – 

Develop a transparent system with people accountable for results 

One of the ways to effectively manage energy challenges is to develop an energy management team. The team can consist of representatives from different departments, especially those with high energy consumption. Develop a system that encourages them to analyze key energy usage patterns and report inefficiencies smartly. The team should be well-trained to safely and effectively play their roles and guide experts to implement energy-saving measures. 

Start periodical energy audits

Another effective way to smartly manage energy consumption and reduce energy wastage is to conduct energy audits. The task of these audits is to understand the total volume of energy each department is using, spot peak consumption times, and offer expert recommendations on how to bring down the industrial energy costs. For the best results, it helps to take professional help. The experts know their job and can provide valuable insights. 

Strategically schedule activities 

Powering up energy-consuming machinery together, keeping nonessential machines active, making delays in powering off machinery, etc., can hugely affect the overall efficiency of energy management. To smartly manage energy and make the most of it while keeping costs down, companies can adopt scheduled powering on and off strategies. The energy audits can provide insights to get visibility into the appropriate steps to keep energy consumption in check. 

Install energy-efficient equipment and lighting 

Another helpful way to smartly manage energy consumption and keep industrial energy spending in check is to use equipment and lighting systems that are energy efficient. This can include using smart but energy-efficient lighting systems, removing nonessential lighting, identifying and using low power consuming machinery. 

Enhance process heating 

Process heating can cause massive energy consumption in a facility if not tackled efficiently. To keep the cost of process heating in check, manufacturers can take a range of measures, including using waste heat recovery systems, using auto blowdown control systems, etc., to name a few. 

Use energy management software

The term ‘energy management’ refers to tracking and optimizing energy consumption to save its usage in a facility. They can do multiple things like tracking utility, providing real-time energy consumption data, notifying peak energy demands, reporting to name a few. Using them, facility managers can tackle energy wastage issues and gather actionable insights to manage energy smartly. 

These are just some ways a company can efficiently and smartly tackle issues concerning energy consumption and waste. To learn more about energy management or buy world-class energy management and electrical products, including Switchboard Meter, Switchboard Power Meter, Switchboard Case Energy Meter, etc, please visit this website! 

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