How Can Having Exterior Signs Make a Difference To My Store?

 How Can Having Exterior Signs Make a Difference To My Store?

Although social media marketing is all the rage these days and online marketing campaigns have largely eliminated the need for physical advertising, business signs are still one of the most effective forms of advertising on the planet. There is hardly any business that does not rely on physical signage to attract new customers and boost its sales.

Exterior signs comprise one such form of classic advertising that has stood the test of time. These signs are not only highly affordable but also require little to no knowledge of advertising to achieve similar results to online marketing campaigns. Furthermore, these signs usually require a one-time investment that saves you a significant amount of money and provides an excellent return on investment through the years. Read on as we find out how having exterior signs can make a difference to your business.

Conspicuous Marketing

While social media campaigns might have a greater online reach, people can simply skip your ads or scroll past your posts in their social feed. Unlike online marketing, convenience store exterior signage is eye-catching and attracts hundreds of passers-by to your place of business. Depending on the location of your store and the exterior sign, you can draw the attention of hundreds of people every day, especially if the area sees heavy foot traffic.

Community Awareness

Convenience store exterior signs are the perfect means to raising awareness regarding your business within your local community. Seeing the name and details of your store every day reinforces the presence of your business in the minds of the residents and this form of passive marketing helps you attract new customers even without continuous effort or investment on your part.

Affordable Advertising

One of the biggest advantages of exterior signs is their affordability. Physical signs usually require a one-time investment at the time of production and a very minimal budget for periodic maintenance. Depending on your choice of material, your exterior sign might not require any maintenance at all. It makes physical signage extremely cost-effective for all kinds of businesses, regardless of their marketing budgets or financial constraints.

Online Conversion

If your store has an online presence, you can include the relevant links or email addresses to the exterior signs or embed them in the form of a scannable QR code. This way, your customers can easily locate you on social media and visit your website. Thus physical signs not only help you with offline advertising but also help increase the rate of online conversion of your customers, helping them keep updated regarding store announcements, deals, discounts, etc.

Location Guidance

Exterior signs placed strategically around the neighborhood can help people navigate the streets to locate your store conveniently. Although online maps are good for navigating to any location, attractive exterior signs can be used as directional tools to help customers locate and visit your place of business. It also provides you a chance to get creative with interesting messages written on the signs to attract customers’ attention and create a memorable first impression in their minds.

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