How Can I Scrape LinkedIn Search Results?

 How Can I Scrape LinkedIn Search Results?

LinkedIn company extractor

What Is The Best Scraping Tool For LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Company Extractor is one of the most powerful scraping tools on the internet to gather information about businesses from LinkedIn. It is a source of useful business information for people who want to collect data for b2b business or b2b marketing campaigns.

You can get almost every information about any business including name, location, ratings, full addresses, phone numbers, emails, websites, hours, staff, no of reviews, zip codes, and other details about the business from LinkedIn which can be used for various purposes.

This LinkedIn data can be extremely valuable to b2b marketers and digital service providers who can use it to approach businesses and promote their services. So, LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms to generate leads and reach out to more customers. It can also help people who are seeking the best jobs or employees in their local area.

Is It Legal to Scrape LinkedIn Data?

Basically, LinkedIn discourages web scraping and does not allow scraping LinkedIn Company Extractor content for use outside the LinkedIn Service according to LinkedIn terms and conditions. However, scraping publicly available data from any site including LinkedIn is completely legal as LinkedIn Company Extractor does not violate any privacy rights of LinkedIn.

So, if you are just getting the information that is publicly available to everyone from LinkedIn then scraping that data is legal. But it also depends on where and how you use this LinkedIn data.

How To Extract Data From LinkedIn Search Results?

There are numerous ways to export LinkedIn search results. You can use Python framework to create a LinkedIn scraper, and use different open source projects from GitHub. However, if you know nothing about coding, some easy data scraping tools like LinkedIn Company Extractor will be helpful.

LinkedIn Company Data Extractor is a free-to-download web scraping tool that can extract data from LinkedIn company profiles and search results without any coding. It makes the process of extraction of data from LinkedIn easier and faster without having to write any codes. It will automatically scrape data from almost any LinkedIn company profile and lets you save the data in a structured format. You can also find advanced functions in the LinkedIn scraping tool like scheduled scraping, APIs, IP rotation, keyword base researching, etc.

LinkedIn Company Extractor can find data from LinkedIn by company name, country code, profile URL, and address. You can find the data on LinkedIn by entering several keywords or a LinkedIn URL, then running the scraper and exporting the data. You can read the easy tutorial about scraping business information from LinkedIn with the LinkedIn company extractor.

How To Use The LinkedIn Company Extractor Software?

Step 1: Find Data From LinkedIn By Name, Zip Code, And Profile URL

Download and install LinkedIn Contact Extractor from the official website( and sign up for a free account. Search your keyword on LinkedIn and copy the resulting URL, and then paste it into the main panel of the LinkedIn company extractor. Click on the Start button given in the LinkedIn scraper to start auto-detecting.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Data For Scraping

Create a workflow after the auto-detecting LinkedIn data, you can preview the data fields you’ll get. You can make changes or select specific results for data scraping from LinkedIn if needed.

Step 3: Download Data From LinkedIn To Excel File

After all data fields are checked, click on the Run button to run the process of data extraction from LinkedIn. You can download the scraped LinkedIn data as Excel or any other format once the process is finished.


Now, you have learned how to easily find, scrape and export LinkedIn results by using LinkedIn Company Extractor. You only need to choose a template, enter a URL or search query, run the scraper template, and LinkedIn Email Extractor will begin collecting data from LinkedIn, which you can export into various formats for use such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc.

See How To Use The LinkedIn Company Extractor Software?

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