How can monitoring software help you to optimize the onboarding of your new collaborators

 How can monitoring software help you to optimize the onboarding of your new collaborators

How long does it take for a new employee to assume 100% of their functions and achieve maximum productivity and autonomy in their position? With remote monitoring software, you can speed up this learning curve as much as possible.

One of the most interesting challenges that arose for companies during and after the pandemic was that they had to migrate from a face-to-face work scheme to a remote one and had to find a way to add new collaborators to the team. Without the possibility of them going through the typical onboarding and training program in the office.

Suppose it is already challenging to adapt to the home office when we know perfectly the processes and tools of our work. In that case, it is not surprising that integrating a new company in remote mode takes much more time and effort than it usually took in face-to-face way.

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The good news is that there is a very simple (and inexpensive) way to solve this problem. A remote monitoring software not only helps you increase the productivity and work motivation of your collaborators, but it also has ideal functionalities to accelerate the onboarding of your new employees.

Today we explain how.

What is onboarding, and why is it important?

Onboarding is the process of “getting on board“, that is, everything you do to greet them when a new collaborator gets on the boat of your company or organization. Like any adaptation process, it implies that the employee comes to master the responsibilities, methodologies, and tools of their position and that they become familiar with the rest of their colleagues and adopt the institutional philosophy as their own.

All this takes the form of a learning curve whose goal is to achieve the maximum possible productivity, autonomy, and integration, in other words, that the employee feels like a “fish in water” in their work and flows harmoniously with processes.

The next level, which is also fostered by good onboarding, is that you feel capable of self-managing your activities and also experience the motivation and confidence necessary to become purposeful and go one step further.

Why is it important to give your employees good onboarding? Because this shows that the company cares about them and considers them important enough to want to retain their talent. In more practical terms: the better and faster the onboarding process, the less chance there is that the employee will quit before the first six months. Read more about morclothes.

The hidden costs of staff turnover are often very high in both money and time, and resources. According to a People Fluent Research study, 25% of new hires leave the company in the first 45 days , and this is generally not due to salary or other job opportunities, but rather because they did not adapt to the organizational climate.

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How to take advantage of your monitoring tool for onboarding to remote work?

1.- Use your monitoring tool to create an open office type virtual environment

Remember that it is much more efficient to use your remote monitoring software so that everyone can see what others are doing in an environment of trust and transparency, than to use it to unilaterally “watch over” your team.

When you create this virtual environment in which everyone can participate, you also create a digital space in which to welcome your new employees, just as you would in a physical office.

2.- Integrate the remote monitoring software in the welcome Pack of your collaborators

Let your new employees know from the beginning how the monitoring software is a transparent and collaborative tool that you put at the service of productivity, and that it will serve as a direct window to the operation of their colleagues so that they can solve doubts and learn processes Too much faster.

3.- Involve everyone

Let your new hires “stick their noses” in all team activities. Obviously there is information that you must keep confidential, for security (which you can automate very easily), but for most productive activities there really is no good excuse to justify keeping them “confidential”.

It is exactly the same thing that happens when a colleague looks over our shoulder in an open office to find out what that interesting infographic is that we are doing, or what we said to the client to close the sale.

When you welcome new collaborators, let the rest of the team know and encourage everyone to be aware of how they can help and share their experience.

Open office virtual environment? Automate the protection of confidential information? Solve operational doubts in real time? If everything we have just told you sounds technically very complex, we assure you that a monitoring software like WorkPuls has all the necessary functionalities to achieve this and more.

Advantages of using your remote monitoring software for onboarding

  • Your new employees become familiar with the benefits of the tool from day one, seeing it as much more than something the company uses to “monitor their activity.”
  • You can set up trigger events to help you assist a new hire before they need to call for help, or know they need it.
  • You create a more transparent organizational climate that reduces the chances of defection of new employees.
  • You allow your new collaborators to see which colleagues perform better (Top performers) and how they achieve it.
  • You streamline the understanding and adoption of KPIs. In other words, the employee will naturally catch up with the team’s productivity pace.
  • You get strategic information to give better feedback and more focused on solutions than on problems.

Finally, we remind you that it is important that you do not transmit the wrong message from the monitoring tools when requesting the installation of a time tracker.

For example, instead of saying, “we do not want you to enter social networks while you work”, the relevant thing is to make it clear that “we do not want you to work overtime or feel overwhelmed by pending tasks, that is why we help you to be more productive in work hours”.

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