How Can Needle Holders Provide Better Control & Grip To Suture Needles?

 How   Can Needle Holders Provide Better Control & Grip To Suture Needles?

Modern medical instruments are preferred by surgeons to perform an extensive range of surgical practices. The instruments should be fine, robust, and sharp to work with precision at the surface or deeper surgery sites. The commonly used surgery instruments include scalpels, scissors, clamps, forceps, retractors, hemostats, etc. Similarly, the needle holders are vital surgical instruments of the operating room. They are ideally formed to hold and provide a secure grip on the sutures. It also enhances the safety of the patient as it makes the procedure highly efficient. Best of all, it is perfect for clamping stitches and cutting the stitches after tying them.  Undoubtedly, surgical instruments play a vital role in making surgery outcomes efficient.

Needle Holder Types

A wide variety is available in this versatile instrument to assist medical practitioners and meet their preferences. The instruments in the right size will provide incredible support to the medical practitioners in the surgical procedures. Besides that, the straight and curved jaws will be suitable for plastic surgeries and other procedures requiring small tips to assist in the thin suturing practices.

On the other hand, the needle-holding tools with serrated jaws will be suitable for heavier sutures. Additionally, the instrument with serrations on the jaws will provide a firm grip to assist tendon repairing procedures.

This instrument comprises ring handles to open and close the jaws, similar to surgical scissors. The plier-style handle is another style present in the suture holding tool. It comes with a plier grip that is curved inwards and towards the center at the end of the lever. Moreover, this instrument has a ratchet locking mechanism.

The needle holder comes with a scissors combination suitable for right and left-handed users. For instance, the Adson, Barraquer, Baumgartner, Blair Brown, Boynton, Debakey TC inserts, and more are common types. Some of the variations have tungsten carbide inserts and they much last longer than standard ones.

Correct Method Of Using The Needle Drivers

This instrument is available in numerous sizes, and it is crucial to choose the right size. For instance, the larger size is suitable to hold heavier sutures.

Besides, the thinner sutures are suitable to hold with the small suture material. Thus, choose the Castroviejo among all other variations. However, do not place it near the swage needle’s eye. Instead, the needles should be grabbed per the swaged area’s length.

Another important point while using this instrument is the tip. Ensure that there is not any opening present between the holder’s tip while utilizing it. The tip should not turn, rock, and twist for accurate usage.

Not only that, it is significant to close the suture holder and the ratchet lock. However, it should not be held too tightly; otherwise, there are chances of breaking or weakening the tips.

Some medical practitioners utilize hemostats for grabbing the suture needles but it can damage them and suturing material.

Distinctions in the Jaws Of The Needle Drivers

There are several variations present in the jaws of this tool that include the following:

  •   Straight jaws
  •   Curved jaws
  •   Wider jaws
  •   Smooth jaws
  •   Hook-tip jaws
  •   Narrow jaws
  •   Heavy jaws
  •   Stubby jaws
  •   Serrated jaws 

The most commonly used variations include mayo-hegar and Olsen-hegar. This instrument is a great option for the operating room usage for holding the suturing needles.

What Is Another Name Of Needle Holder?

The needle driver is the same instrument used to hold the sutures. It has stainless steel material to aid in several surgical practices.

What Are The Needle Holder Uses?

This instrument assists the doctors and surgeons grasp the sutures while closing the incisions during suturing and several surgical procedures. Moreover, it has a convenient ring handle design to comfort the holder and prevent hand fatigue. In addition, this instrument has a ratchet locking mechanism to grab the sutures firmly. Also, it is suitable for opening a wound if it has a combination of scissors.

What Are The Surgery Needles Composed Of?

The surgery needles consist of high-grade German stainless material and size of smallest diameter. Therefore, these tools can hold the surgery needles with ease.

To Conclude

All in all, the surgical needle holders assist the surgeons to hold small suturing needles in delicate procedures. GerMedUSA Inc. has high-quality German forged surgical instruments which last for many years. As well, the instruments are sterilizable to become reusable. Therefore, the instruments will provide success to the medical practitioners surely. Furthermore, the instruments are available in many patterns to accommodate the users’ necessities. Our needle holders are unique and valuable to be added to your surgical kit. Choose among the variations and consider buying the one that will fit well to hold sutures in various surgeries.

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