How Can Physical Therapy Help You Deal with Sports Injury?

 How Can Physical Therapy Help You Deal with Sports Injury?

Sports Injury

An athlete is never a stranger to injuries, and the injuries can affect the performance in the longer run. The injury can happen both on and off the field due to wear and tear, poor technique, workload, etc.

The last thing an athlete wants is missing out on crucial games due to an injury. Further, injury can have a lingering effect on your performance and mental health.

The adverse effects indicate the importance of the recovery phase. Physical therapy with sports rehab in a sports injury clinic in Durango, CO, can boost the process of recovery and can bring you back to the field in no time. 

This article is all about the benefits of physical therapy for sportspersons.  

Sports Injuries That Can Be Treated by Physical Therapy

Although an athlete can get an injury anywhere on the body, below are a few common hotspots that a physical therapist can treat:

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common injury which can keep you on the bench for a while. If the condition is left untreated, it can turn into sciatica, which causes inflammation. 

The reasons behind back pain are excessive pressure, injury, or vertebral damage. A physical therapist can help you get back to normal conditioning with some stretches and exercises. 

Plantar Fasciitis

If you have flat feet, excessive pressure on them can result in plantar fasciitis. A flat foot is natural, but footwear that doesn’t fit the feet can be the reason behind this condition. 

Physical therapy is excellent for foot and ankle pain, as the treatment has no side effects and offers instant results. 


If the ligament gets injured, it can result in sprains. It’s pretty common for an athlete, and the treatment is simple. Sports injury clinic in Durango, CO, can help you get rid of sprain in ankles, knees, elbow, back, shoulders, neck, etc.


Strains are a result of overstretching and constant motion. But unlike sprains, muscles, and tendons get affected by strains.  

Sports that require sudden accelerations from athletes like soccer or basketball have more chances of getting strained muscle.  

A customized physical therapy plan can quickly treat strains with proper recovery. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has some widely known benefits like no side effects; there are some specific benefits for the athletes, like:

Injury Prevention

Similar to recovery, injury prevention is also essential for an athlete to excel in sports. Physical therapy helps an athlete to understand the body limits and train accordingly. Physical therapists have all the knowledge and experience to avoid any injury in the future. 

The first step is to observe your weak points and create a customized training program that keeps them safe and far away from injuries. 

Regain Strength

Regaining strength without proper guidance can be a daunting task. You might be clueless about the process and can end up worsening the situation. With all the experience, a physical therapist is a perfect mentor for your strength-building journey. 

The physical therapist will tell you the exact things that’ll give you positive results, saving your time and effort.

Immediate Effect

An acute injury needs immediate attention so that it can be restricted. A physical therapist can assess the damage and give appropriate treatment right on the spot to alleviate pain. 

After the primary checkup and treatment, they can treat the actual injury. 


The rehabilitation program is the key to getting back to the field. A physical therapist can implement all the skills and knowledge to create a rehabilitation plan for an individual. 

The goal of this plan is to improve the functionality of the athlete and boost the recovery part. They work on the injury to eliminate any further loss. 

Performance Enhancement

Once the rehabilitation is over, the focus is to enhance the performance of the athlete. Therapists will make an exercise plan focusing on strength, flexibility, stability, and stamina.

There is a difference between rehab exercises and performance-enhancing exercises as the intensity of the workout is more in the latter one.  


An injury can take a toll on your mental health; thus, finding motivation can be difficult. Staying away from your favourite sport is a challenge that requires plenty of willpower. 

But the physical therapy sessions can keep you motivated as you have your therapist working by your side. The therapist will always push you to do better, and you’ll get through the phase with ease. 


An injury-free career is a dream for an athlete; physical therapy can be the tool to provide you with the same. The physical therapist can help you fight off the injuries so that you’re always in the perfect shape.

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