How Can You Fix Emails Going to Spam Folder Problem?

 How Can You Fix Emails Going to Spam Folder Problem?

There are many instances where a person’s mails go to the spam folder while either receiving or sending. This problem can be very frustrating and troublesome for users. You send an important email but it goes straight to the recipient’s spam folder which results in the delay of an important task.

So if you too are thinking are my emails going to spam, then do not worry as we are going to tell you why this happens and how you can fix this problem.

Why are your emails going to Spam?

This is no debate in the fact that spam is a very big problem on the web and that is why major email companies have created spam folders to sort out mails but, sometimes these folders are not able to filter the mails properly and this leads to important emails getting dislocated.

There can be many reasons for this, some of which we are going to highlight so that you can prevent emails from going to the Spam folder.

  • This problem can arise due to the lack of proper authentication with the email account.
  • You are entering wrong or inaccurate information of the recipient or the sender.
  • Some words and punctuation marks like ‘All caps’ and ‘too many punctuations’ trigger spam filters and then this places your mail in the Spam.
  • You should use a correct email list to prevent your mails from going to Spam.
  • This can also happen if you are attaching misleading or shady links to your email.
  • Having too many images and very little text can also result in your email getting placed in the Spam folder.
  • A major cause can be if your receiver has marked you as Spam, accidentally or intentionally.

How can you prevent your emails from going to Spam?

Once you have known about the possible reasons for this issue, you may be wondering how to stop emails from going to Spam folder? Then you should not worry as the given ways will help you with this problem.

1. Use Mail Tester

You can try and use Mail tester to spot and detect any technical or functional issue with your email account. All you need to do is to send an email from the mail tester to that particular receiver and then the application will give you its analysis on how you can fix it.

2. Do a proper authentication

You should set up proper authentication for your emails with DKIM and SPF methods so that the email feature can easily classify genuine mails from spam.

3. Maintain a good subscriber’s list

If you are sending Bulk emails then, you should maintain a proper list of all the people you are sending mails to. You should also regularly clean your account to ensure a good and smooth email.

We hope that our blog has been able to help you with your Spam issues and you can also visit to know more about the technical terms and practices.

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