How can you manage the social anxiety post-lockdown?

 How can you manage the social anxiety post-lockdown?

As many of us enjoy the ease of lockdown restrictions, many others may not be handling the situation well. With limited face-to-face interactions during the pandemic, re-entering the social situations feels out of practice for many people.

For people who already suffer from a social anxiety disorder, these social interactions can become more extreme, prompting a high level of issues concerning mental health. Therefore, people with anxiety disorder need to take the necessary steps to manage it.

If you are also feeling anxious about socializing post-COVID restrictions, you are not alone. Luckily, some simple steps can help you manage social anxiety post the lockdown.

Interested in knowing? Here are some of the essential measures that can help:

1. Talk to someone you trust:

One of the easiest ways to deal with post lockdown anxiety is talking to someone you trust. Sharing your feelings, emotions, and fear will help better control the situation with the required support and concern.

There are many experienced and suitable counsellors for anxiety who can be helpful to deal with and face the things which are bothering your mental peace.

2. Pre-plan the situations:

Pre-planning the situation which can make you anxious is also one effective way to deal with social anxiety. Think about the situation and the scenarios which can make you nervous and anxious, then plan the various ways to ease the nervousness.

For example – if the thought of using public transport and being surrounded by many people makes you anxious, you can always take the proactive approach to the situation. You can choose an alternate time for traveling to minimize the people surrounding you to control your anxiety and stress levels.

3. Be kind with yourself:

It is not a crime to feel anxious or nervous around people. It is quite normal, and many people face the same situation. You are trying, and that’s what matters the most.

The situation is quite challenging; don’t make it worse by being harsh on yourself. Take some simple steps to make peace with the situation. You can:

  • Find psychotherapist with an experience in helping
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Try yoga and other physical exercises
  • Attend some pre-planned social events

4. Recognize when anxiety levels are at the peak:

People with anxiety disorder need a little extra focus than others during social events. They should be more attentive to understand and recognize when their anxiety levels are at their peak. For better results, they can also take help from experienced and professional counsellors for anxiety.

With a better understanding of this crucial information, it would be very easy for people to be well-prepared to face adverse situations. Also, it will be helpful in pre-planning the situation for better and relaxed reactions.

5. Gradually face your fear:

Rather than exposing yourself to your fear suddenly, it makes more sense to face them gradually. If you don’t expose your fears, then it will become more difficult to face them later. Moreover, this would result in making the anxiety even worse.

Therefore, it is suggested to take small efforts frequently to have a one-on-one encounter with your fear and anxiety.

For example – when you are traveling using public transport, make eye contact with the people. Also, take small steps with confidence or try saying ‘hello’ to the next person you meet in the supermarket.

6. Focus on the positive side:

If you really want to improve your mental health, you should be more focused on the positive side of the situation. While struggling with depression and anxiety, it is possible to feel demotivated at times. However, you should push yourself to stay motivated by enjoying every little progress that you make.

Do more of the things that make you happy and relaxed.


Social anxiety is a tricky and difficult situation to manage, but facing it alone can worsen the situation. Stay connected with your loved ones, or you can seek professional help; take every single initiative that it takes to fight and overcome social anxiety post-pandemic. If you want to find a psychotherapist to overcome the anxiety phase quickly, you can reach to Seekapsych for the best and expert professional counsellors. They have years of experience understanding the varying needs of every individual fighting against post-social anxiety issues.


Finding a suitable psychotherapist can be very difficult. Seekapsych is specialized in knowing what kind of therapy and what kind of psychotherapist would be a good fit for someone.

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