How Culture affects Brand Promotion Strategy in a Business?

Culture represents the way you and the people around you live life. It also talks about how we dress, how we talk, or the values that we follow. You will find a cultural difference in every part of the world. Cultural values vary even within the same country. Culture impacts individuals as well as businesses. You can find its effect on the business promotion activities as well. Companies always focus on brand promotion to promote their products or services. 

Brand promotion strategies or marketing strategies depend upon the customers and the demographics. The marketing strategies planned for the East Coast of the UK may not be the same as rural residents.  Hence it is essential to analyze the local culture before preparing any kind of brand promotion activities for your company.

It is not only about materialistic needs but also about the culture

Generally, brand promotion is only needed to be carried out by considering modern requirements and priorities. Most marketers make this mistake and end up getting zero results for their promotion campaigns.

Due to globalization, businesses have started tapping the global market. It has become more crucial to understand the local culture of the market that you are going to target. People tend to make their buying decision based on cultural influence. Companies or businesses need to consider cultural influences while developing a successful marketing strategy. Here we should talk about how culture affects brand promotion in a detailed manner.


If you target multiple countries for the brand promotion, you find the variance in the language. Language is always considered as the key to the culture of a country. It is the first indication of the identity of a culture.

Are you dealing with the new countries or the market for a longer time? Then it is essential to cope with the culture and sustain for a longer time in the market. It is the nerve of a particular market, and a business cannot afford to avoid it.

Aspect Of Religion

Religion is another aspect that plays an important role in culture. Religion changes in every part of the world. Every religion follows different practices and affects the way people behave or they live in society also changes. This aspect is extremely crucial and also fragile because people are very sensitive about their religion. The world gets modern but people stay connected to their roots. Some religions are quite liberal for women, some are still conservative. If you try to sell business loans for women for the people with the latter habit, you cannot sell anything. You need to find a suitable market with more liberty for women.

The belief system also changes according to religion. As a marketer, the campaign you create for the African countries may not work for the European countries. If your products are specific to women, you need to be careful while preparing strategies to target female customers. Usually, people are very sensitive about their women population.

Thought Process

Thought process changes according to the places and the culture. It also affects people’s decision-making process. Hence it can make a significant impact on brand promotion strategies also. As a brand or a company, you would need to understand various aspects such as themes, illustration, and the language problem.

Thinking changes according to geographical differences and also due to culinary variations. People react based on how and what they think. You cannot change the mindset because its roots are as old as centuries. You should always know what and how the people in a particular society think.  


Symbols also play a huge role in cultural influence, whether it is spoken or unspoken. Various national symbols like the flag, a particular colour, image on the currency etc., express cultural pride. Most cultures work to preserve their heritage. As a marketer, you always need to consider the acceptable symbols according to the culture of the respective country or religion.

Consider the symbol of the immigrants from different countries who generally speak the language of their native place or the country. They take it as their identity. You should create a separate set for such customers while planning the promotion campaign. Apart from the symbols, you also need to consider the varied forms of folk arts such as drama, traditional dance, music, etc.


Rituals are referred to as behavioural patterns that are learned and repeated according to different cultures and countries. Each culture or country holds various rituals, whether it is related to marriage, birth, funerals, graduation, and other life events. These rituals play an important role in brand promotion strategies. Brands purely focus on the customers and their behaviour towards the rituals. These interactions play a huge role in the decision-making process of customers.

People cannot compromise in their rituals just because you offer something at a significant discount. A sports company that insulted a particular ritual in an advertisement is immediately out from the market. A loan lender may get popular on a specific occasion while offering affordable 12 month loans around a festival. People need to many preparations to complete the rituals on an occasion.

Eating habits

Eating pig on Christmas denotes progress in life because a pig cannot walk backwards. Isn’t that interesting? Just imagine how the food got related to such deep thought? Whatever people eat in different cultures, it relates not only to their taste buds but also their culture.

A new restaurant can never attract customers on Christmas if it does not offer pork in such circumstances. The same restaurant will lose all sparks during brand promotion if the local customers love pork. It is never smart to give them an alternative if they already love something due to their cultural values. Love what people love, offer what people want, and your brand promotion efforts are sure to get successful.


Brand Promotion for the product or service needs consideration for the cultural values of the customers. As a marketer, you would need to keep these factors in mind to get the maximum out of your campaign. Always respect the culture of the people in your niche market, and you can see the miracle happening..

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