How Different Types Of Land Surveying Are Done These Days?

 How Different Types Of Land Surveying Are Done These Days?

Land Surveying

Land surveying means applying traditional as well as new assessment methods and spotting the existing elevations, natural features, man-made structures, and property boundaries as well as angles with the use of geometry, mathematics, and other associated scientific principles. These days, there are many types of land surveys done in the industry.

Boundary Survey

It is the first and foremost type of land surveying implemented to consider the peripheries of a property. It involves determining the corners and lines of properties. The property boundaries are surveyed taking the recorded deeds, plats, and physical monuments into account. Developers can get a precise idea about project scope and boundaries from these plans. In any surveying task, these plans are mostly preferred before discussing about the project setup. This demands a lot of precision and accuracy for effective planning as well as to prevent legal problems. It generally comprises field work on surrounding lands for the identification and verification of proper land boundary. This can also be used in other surveys.

Construction survey

The field of construction and land surveying has been continuously evolving. High rises, large scale volume earthworks, and large subdivisions (up to 1,000 lots) are common in projects these days. It is used for staking structures out, including:

  • Utilities
  • Buildings
  • Walls
  • Roads

It includes As-Built survey, vertical grading, horizontal grading, and slope staking. Typically, construction surveying also involves setting out columns, penetrations, footings, floor slabs, and grid marks. For such projects, specific types of surveying are required – such as stockpile volume and bulk earthwork surveys in material movement, and excavation. In large scale commercial and residential construction projects, these constructions related surveys are quite common.

Topographic Survey

It is generally conducted by professional civil engineering companies. A topographic survey is done to spot various features in topographies, such as:

  • Contours
  • Embankments
  • Water courses
  • Roads
  • Ditches
  • Utilities

This type of land surveying can be done through ground field and aerial photographic surveys. The man-made and natural structures under the surface of the earth as well as the contours of the ground are inspected and examined.

Land Surveying
Land Surveying

Subdivision survey

These help property developers to prepare the best subdivision plan. Residential property surveyors help to divide bigger land strips into smaller units, such as tracts, estates, or lots. Such units can be allotted for industrial, commercial, and residential usage in a large-sized land strip. Such units belong to residential areas and are allotted to individuals and families. This kind of survey has to be recorded by the concerned local government agencies. It is used for designing lots, drainages, and streets.

Site Planning Survey

These surveys are a mix of topographic survey and boundary survey. This kind of land surveying is used often for designing:

  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial sites
  • Playgrounds
  • Stores
  • Divisions
  • Highways
  • Streets
  • House lots

Location Survey

Though this type of survey is just like a boundary survey, there are extra details about the location of improvements in the interior area. A Location Survey is used often to get zoning permits or loan applications.


It is used commonly to satisfy the needs of a buyer or lending agency. ALTA is an abbreviation for American Land Title Association and ACSM means American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. This is among the most all-inclusive land surveys used today, and consists of every characteristic and features of a property.

Land surveys are used often interchangeably by project owners and developers with all other kinds of surveys. Professional surveyors use cutting-edge technologies like CAD and advanced robotics to offer on-time and accurate land surveying solutions. They can also help with registering the final boundaries of the projects of clients with every government body or organization.


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