How do CBSE Schools Promote Physical Health?

 How do CBSE Schools Promote Physical Health?

Undeniably, physical health, if not more, is an equally important aspect of personality development as is cognitive and intellectual development. To nourish a child’s growth, training both the mind and body is essential. There are more than 300 disorders and problems that can be overcome by following a simple routine of daily exercises. Sports contribute to shaping a child’s physical as well as mental strength.

  1. It improves respiratory strength
  2. Helps to maintain weight
  3. Circulation of blood
  4. Increases sportsmanship
  5. Develops social skills 

Educational institutions, being the second home to children, are expected to take up the responsibility of providing students with sufficient opportunities to safeguard their physical fitness and wellbeing to ensure a healthy generation.

CBSE Schools, especially some popularly acclaimed International schools in Dubai have been widely appreciated for promoting the importance of sports and physical fitness on their campus.

CBSE School uses the following ways to promote physical fitness:

  1. Creating Awareness 

To motivate the students to participate in the sports activities, at first they are introduced to the importance and benefits of being physically active. Creating awareness through class interactions, experience sharing, through movies or otherwise begins at the senior classes of the Dubai International school as they are mature enough to comprehend the facts.

Parents are also often requested at Parent-Teacher meets, to encourage their children and engage them in physical fitness activities. Particularly, the parents of young children are counseled to include sports or play time in their wards’ daily schedule.

  1. Incorporate recess time in the school schedule

The CBSE schools have incorporated a fairly long recess period in their daily school routine. The students get a break from the continuous classes of blackboard education. Apart from eating and relaxing, these recess periods also allow time to play around and have some fun.

Some schools include a single recess of long duration in a single day, while other schools include more than one recess of shorter durations.

  1. Upgraded playground amenities

The play areas of the prestigious schools are intelligently engineered with all the modern amenities to boost up the interest in play activities among the students. The playground equipment is maintained and updated with time adhering to the requirements of the children. These equipment are designed after proper research, to ensure their suitability for all age groups and to be instrumental in amplifying their cognitive, motor and social growth, while having fun.

  1. Plan sport events

Apart from having physical education classes and recess periods on the daily schedules, the schools in Dubai host sports events once a year to instigate a competitive and teamwork approach. Various types of racing and similar activities are organised, along with these, tournaments of both outdoor and indoor games such as chess, football, etc are also arranged.

Sports like football, cricket and tennis are popular sporting activities encouraged in Dubai and CBSE schools make it an eminent part of their curriculum. Dubai international schools and CBSE schools include a full-fledged syllabus on physical education to introduce students to a wide range of sports activities. Physical training, apart from direct sports, also includes fun activities like jungle bars, trekking, mazes and many more which schools can accommodate. These activities, being more practical, motivate students to participate and explore their talents. 

Their CBSE School curriculum on physical education includes subject areas like:

  1. Sports and nutrition
  2. Rules of sports
  3. Biomechanics of sports
  4. Yoga and lifestyle
  5. Physiology and injuries

Why focus on Physical Health? 

  • It is commonly and rightly paired as ‘health and wealth’ and hence working on your health from a young age is highly beneficial. It has also been repeatedly emphasised by experts that students who participate in physical activities and play sports regularly are happier and healthier than the group of students who spend a majority of their time in physical immobility.
  •  It is widely said that sports activities help in pumping more oxygen to the heart and brain and facilitate the body to maintain a stimulation between mental and physical well being. 
  • Physical training and knowledge instigate a positive body image in teenagers. In recent times, body image insecurities have been a prominent reason for different mental health issues in teenagers. This can be dealt with by learning the right way of treating the body and giving it the right nutrition. During this era of the internet, social media and social stigma around dressing, fitness has found a new meaning and relevance.
  • Participating in sports activities in groups assist the younger generation to polish their teamwork and leadership skills. Not only this, but physical training also contributes to forming a stronger correlation between fellow peers and enriches a healthy class dynamic. 

If your child attends a CBSE school then it is very likely to have an all-inclusive curriculum, but if it does not care for the physical training and overall development of your child, we believe it is not an ideal institution for your child. Today, schools without fields and courts are like a needle without a thread.

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