How do footballers balance business with pleasure?

 How do footballers balance business with pleasure?

Long-time fans of ‘the beautiful game’ may remember a time when players were famed for their hard-living ways when they weren’t on the pitch (and sometimes even when they were).  Cigarette manufacturers used footballers’ images to sell their wares, and a number of the most popular players of the time appeared in adverts for their favourite brands.

Now, however, footballers are expected to maintain a lifestyle appropriate to their status as elite athletes, and the increased scrutiny from the mainstream media has allowed fans more insight into the players’ lives. For the most prominent players, their million-pound pay packets are dependent on their performance and their off-pitch antics can be as profitable as their playing if they manage their brand carefully.

The enduring love of football has created a huge industry that appeals to fans all over the world, many of whom enjoy the additional thrill of betting on their favourite team. As well as the odds used in sports betting, many punters want to know whether their team’s star player is staying in shape and maintaining their form before a big match, so they have all the information they need when placing their bets.

Almost without exception, the footballers that attract the highest wages and the most lucrative sponsorship packages are the ones that manage to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. Many have young families that require time and commitment as well as other hobbies and active social lives.

All this means that today’s footballers have a lot to balance – rigorous training schedules are just one part of it for players that are also expected to be ambassadors for various brands as well as their sport. With sponsorship packages worth millions resting on players maintaining their fitness, skills and reputation, the pressure on footballers to maintain high standards in all areas of their lives is huge.

Cristiano Ronaldo


This titan of the sport is considered by many to be among the greatest players of all time, maintaining as he does an impeccable record for physical fitness and a dedication to training that has been studied at great length. As well as maintaining a grueling fitness regime ingrained into his lifestyle, Ronaldo is also a devoted father and family man who carves out time to spend with his nearest and dearest.

With a daily routine that includes several freshly prepared meals, a few training and workout sessions and plenty of dedicated napping time, Ronaldo prioritises his physical and mental health in order to ensure that he is always on top form when he is on the field. As the ambassador for three separate charities and a notable philanthropist, Ronaldo makes regular donations to a variety of different causes, proving that he is not just a savvy businessman, but a generous benefactor as well.

N’Golo Kante

As well as winning a slew of ‘Man of the Match’ titles for his on-pitch performances with Chelsea, N’Golo Kante is known for his wholesome approach to both his footballing career and his life outside of the game. Kante is a real team player, always ensuring that his teammates get credit for their role in each game, even when he has been the top scorer, and this attitude serves him well as he is close friends with a number of his fellow players and socialises with both current and former teammates in his free time.

Many believe that the secret of Kante’s success is his humble nature, as evidenced by the fact that he is often found helping to clear up at the end of training sessions and notably accepted a dinner invitation from a fan. Staying grounded may well be the key to maintaining his work-life balance, especially since he is strictly private when it comes to his family and private life. and it is certainly not doing his footballing performance any harm.

Juan Mata

Known as one of the best ever attacking mid-fielders to play the game, Juan Mata’s role at Manchester United hasn’t just been limit to his footballing prowess – he also brings a wide variety of other skills to the table. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, in marketing and sport science, and his teammates hold him in high esteem for his kindness and amiable nature.

Mata also has plenty of non-footballing interests, including his own tapas bar in the centre of Manchester and his charity ‘Common Goal’ that has gained the support of some of the biggest names in the game. His social media posts show that he has a wide variety of interests, and his eagerness to connect with his fans just adds to his appeal.

Football fans may well appreciate the players that score the most goals, but those that pursue balance in their careers can enjoy a wider variety of opportunities off the pitch as well.

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