How do I log in to Netflix? With how many individuals can you share your Netflix account?

Thousands of TV series, films, and original projects are available on NETFLIX, the global streaming service. Learn how to use Netflix online and with how many people you can share your login information.

Netflix’s basic streaming subscription is P90.00 per month, with more expensive and appealing choices available. With the exception of China, you may access Netflix from anywhere in the globe, regardless of your Netflix plan. Netflix also allows you to watch your favorite movies and series on your smartphone, console, desktop, tablet, or smart TV.

How do I access Netflix’s online streaming service?

When you visit for the first time, you’ll be given the choice to join a 30-day free trial of the program.

If you don’t renew your Netflix subscription before the 30-day period is up, you can watch Netflix for free for a month.

However, if Netflix proves too tempting to resist, you’ll have to choose between three membership options throughout the enrollment process.

Netflix Basic costs P90.00 and includes unlimited Standard Definition viewing on one screen at a time on all connected devices.

Netflix Standard (P110.00) improves the streaming quality to High Definition and allows you to see everything on two screens at once.

After you’ve decided on a subscription package, simply create an account by providing your email address, a strong password, and a monthly payment method.

You’ll also need to create one or two account profiles, including a child-friendly one, that is personalized to your tastes and streaming preferences throughout the setup process.

You can make a separate profile here to share with a partner or family member.

After the original 30-day trial period has expired, Netflix will begin charging you.

Once you’ve completed your tasks and are ready to begin watching, go to Netflix and click the red Sign In button.

Netflix will prompt you to enter the email and password combination you selected for your account.

You can have another individual stream Netflix on their device while you watch your own episodes on the Standard package.

Three others can watch Netflix with you on their phones, tablets, or laptops if you have the Premium Netflix package.

If you get a login error that says your account is already in use, it signifies your allotted number of streams has been reached.

On the Basic plan, which only allows you to watch one stream at a time, this isn’t an issue.

“If you’ve shared your Netflix account with friends or family, they may be watching Netflix while you’re watching a movie or TV show,” Netflix warned.



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