How easy it is to write a song

 How easy it is to write a song

write a song

In my opinion, music is not only art; it’s also a way to tell people what’s happening around them. I use songs to remind myself every day how lucky I am to have the opportunity to create something out of nothing. Music gives me much freedom to express myself and makes me feel free. Before I was born, nobody told me what to do, where to go, or who I should meet or talk to. Nobody even gave me any rules on how to live my life. So now I’m trying to give back to others by sharing my talent.

I’ve written many songs over the past few years, some good, some bad, but they all helped shape who I am today. I want to share these experiences, struggles, thoughts, feelings, emotions, love, pain, and everything else with you guys. That’s what being a true artist is all about. Thank you for listening!

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Song: Colton McCollough – How Easy Is It To Write A Song?

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