How Escape Rooms Can Help Build and Improve Relationships Between Parents and Child 

 How Escape Rooms Can Help Build and Improve Relationships Between Parents and Child 

Young friends looking at wooden rosary while solving conundrum as detectives in quest room with old furnitures

Electronic devices and online apps occupy kids’ minds most of the time these days. As a result, parents are desperately searching for ways to spend time with them. They are seeking ways to come together and do something fun and exciting that engages their children and helps them get out of the house. Traditional board games are not enough now, as kids are looking for something unique and exciting to consume immediately. 

And that is where escape rooms come in. One of the newest entertainment fads, these mystery-themed puzzle rooms are suitable for all age groups and deliver you mind-bending thrills and adventure. And with its unique twists and turns at every corner, you and your family can have one of the best moments of your life as you team together and solve puzzles against the ticking clock. Many famous places, like Escape Rooms Tempe and Escape Rooms California, deliver excellent breakout adventures that families can enjoy on any occasion. 

But how do these escape rooms help build and improve relationships between parents and their children? Read on to find out. 

  1. Lack of distraction 

Escape Rooms have no phones, TV screens, or video games. Therefore, there are no distractions that will scatter your children’s attention. And it allows them to focus on one activity and give their best solely. 

The whole family works together to solve the mysteries and puzzles by functioning as one team. And it allows your kids to bond with you and develop a sense of understanding.  

  1. Enable parents and kids to communicate with one another 

Families work together to solve the escape room and exchange hypotheses, clues, and answers within the one-hour time constraint. And it necessitates communication between everyone. Your kids learn to express their thoughts and interact with one another by opening up and sharing their feelings. Also, escape rooms allow parents to show their children that they listen to and appreciate their thoughts and leadership skills, further helping build their bonds. 

  1. Allows everyone to spend quality time together 

Interactions and actions in escape rooms foster genuine ties, thus allowing kids to rely on their parents and bond emotionally with them. The whole time spent solving puzzles in these mystery-themed rooms provides everyone in your family to communicate with one another while working toward a common objective. And it removes the awkwardness between everyone and establishes a ground that helps kids get close to their parents.  

  1. Promotes active participation 

Nobody can be a passive participant in an Escape Room. It is because solving the problem takes everyone’s undivided attention. Escape rooms often need team members to multitask and establish groups within teams to complete all the challenges. 

Your kids will be preoccupied with employing all of their abilities and observations to focus on the work. And it will teach them to embrace the physical world outside their gadgets and become active participants in their natural world. 

  1. Allows children to practice a variety of skills 

Your kid’s lateral thinking, meticulous observation, puzzle-solving, thinking outside the box, and verbal communication get tested in escape rooms. These puzzle games enable each of them to use and blend their particular abilities with those of others. Your children get an opportunity to collaborate on an equal footing as your equal partners and shine. And you might be surprised to see how they come forward to act as the leader and carry the whole team in an escape room game. 


Escape rooms are more than action, riddles, and solving puzzles. They are a one-of-a-kind experience that brings everyone together and deepens your bonds with your loved ones. You can enjoy a fun weekend, celebrate a birthday party or anniversary, or plan a surprise get-together at these escape rooms with your kids and develop an emotional closeness to them. 

And they also provide a chance for kids to move outside their comfort zone and learn to trust and strengthen their relationships with their parents and other family members. No sooner will your children learn to appreciate the world outside their gadgets and embrace familial ties and bonds. 

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