How GoJek Clone helps to increase your business revenue

 How GoJek Clone helps to increase your business revenue

Gojek clone app is an Indonesian multi-service app that provides cab booking, on-demand food delivery, and other delivery services. The key benefit of adopting a Gojek clone is that it integrates all of the services into one app. You don’t need different applications for each service provided by your company.

The Gojek app was established in 2010 to serve clients in Indonesia with taxi services. Gojek Clone is a Gojek clone that is quite similar to the Gojek app. The Gojek clone script can be customized to meet the demands of entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide numerous services through a single sophisticated application.

The Gojek clone primarily offers three types of services: ride-hailing, on-demand deliveries, and other services. The first two categories are straightforward to assess. On-demand services such as babysitting, veterinary treatments, tutoring, guards, on-demand doctors, maintenance, and so on may be included in the other services.

Common features of Go Jek clone

Schedule booking:  

Customers who need to travel on a daily basis at a specific hour will appreciate this option because it allows them to plan their bookings properly.

Multiple payment gateways 

This feature allows customers to pay using a variety of methods, including cash, credit card, or payment apps, making it very convenient for them to make purchases.


Users may track the whereabouts of their delivery items in real-time, and delivery personnel and administrators can track each other.

Booking records

We may maintain track of the customer’s trip destination, the cost of the journey, and any other information by using this function. Customers can use it if they need information about previous journeys.


This is the most useful feature that helps consumers who fly alone save money. It allows users to share rides with other clients and therefore split the cost of travel.

Gojek Clone Is A Productive App That Supports Any Business Today

Gojek Clone’s significant presence in an On-Demand Market is mostly because to their customer-centric approach. This ensures that you will attract a large number of users to your app, resulting in increased revenue.

The Super App automates your business, removing the need for you to hire people, train them, and pay them large salaries.

Gojek Clone Source Code is a fully customizable white-label app solution with all of the features, services, and functionalities you’ll need to grow your business in Cambodia. This ready-to-use multiservice source code immediately meets your users’ needs.

With the app development team, discuss your Gojek Clone App requirements. To get your Multiservices Business up and running in a week, purchase White-a Customised Gojek Clone Script solution.

Advantages of Go Jek clone


The Gojek clone is ideal for businesses who wish to carve out a niche for themselves in the market. A Gojek clone software has a lot of benefits. It can cost more than $50,000 to develop an app for a single function, such as taxi booking or food delivery. Entrepreneurs will save money by developing an app like Gojek, which offers 52 different services. As a result, using a Gojek clone and customizing it to match your user’s needs is the best option.


It takes less time to create a Gojek clone app than it does to create a prototype app. The software is simple to install on digital platforms and might help you grow your business. Because Gojek is the most popular app among users, now is the best opportunity to introduce an improved version of Gojek.


It is substantially less expensive to create an app using a Gojek clone. As the on-demand service business grows in popularity, revenue from Gojek is predicted to reach $335 billion by 2020. It is no longer necessary to invest a significant amount of time developing the app; instead, deploy your Gojek clone app and concentrate on marketing.

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