How Indented SERP Results Could Impact Your SEO Strategy

 How Indented SERP Results Could Impact Your SEO Strategy

According to numerous SEO experts, a recent Google rollout has affected organic search results tremendously. That’s why people are looking for a reputed Digital marketing agency to help them out of this situation. This is called an indented search result, and this change now applies to around 40 percent of the search results pages or SERPs. 

There’s a possibility that it has a wider significance to results in the long run. Well, that’s why business owners are now anticipating risks and opportunities while preparing their SEO strategies. 

So, in this article, we will talk about indented SERPs and why they were introduced in the first place. Moreover, we will also discuss how they could impact your optimization strategy and organic search result performance in the long run. This new google search results design has made havoc for sure. So, let’s explore how exactly this concerns companies and what sort of strategies they can use to combat problems if they arise.

A Brief On Indented Search Results

You may have noticed that some of the google search results look a bit different on the desktop version. This is because we are talking about at least two listings or links from the same domain that appears together in the SERPs. According to a search engine marketing consultant, the first or primary link is like any typical search result. However, you will find indented secondary links that seem to support the first or primary link under that link or listing. So, in other words, those secondary links are the indented search results. 

When Did This Change Occur?

As per the sources, this change in Google search came out around June 2021, but the rollout happened in October 2021.

How Is It Different From The Old Results?

Well, if you go to the best SEO company nearby and contact a consultant with their knowledge of SEO, they might tell that SERPs aren’t quite new in their look and feel as they share quite a similar Google result page layout with expanded sitelinks. 

However, this is where the confusion arises in the first place. So, it’s essential to remember that site links are the additional links that appear under the main link, and they add context to a brand or even a publisher. 

They can also be shown organically or as ads to leverage while implementing PPC marketing. A proper PPC management company can surely help you on this note. 

On the other hand, if it’s an indented search result, then SERPs of both desktop and mobile show the listings making up each of the related results in the topic. 

If we compare them side by side, we can see the changes that indented search results bring. So, here are the following points why we should care about this new search result design in the first place.

  • Prevalence on the first page of the SERPs and how it acquires a lot of visual space for different brands.
  • It also includes a broad mix of links compared to branded or navigational links. Moreover, we can deduce that listings such as blogs, eCommerce pages, etc., can gain visibility through this new search result.

How Does Indented SERPs Affect SEO?

You can ask any local SEO expert, and they will tell you that websites with good on-page SEO efforts don’t have any significance to change their strategy. They are in a good position to achieve a lot of listing on their desktop and smartphone SERPs (once the new design of Google rolls out on mobile as well).

  1. Effects On Brands

It’s worth noting that these indented search results could be effective for top brands. In other words, the brands that have effective SEO strategies enabled might push their competitors down. In other words, they can have multiple listings appear above. 

  1. Internal Links

If you take advice from your local SEO expert, you might want to focus on improving internal linking for topically related content. 

  1. List Will Remain Relevant 

Even if you do proper work on the list, Google is still likely to surface different search results. 

Conclusion & How You Can Strengthen SEO Strategies

So, we have discussed Indented SERPs results comprehensively and even elaborated on a few ways it can affect SEO. Well, you can take the advice of the best SEO consultant of a reputable SEO company, and they can help you strengthen the strategies.

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