How Is Modern Technology Affecting Human Development?

This is the era of constant development. The process of growing and becoming larger is happening all around us. It is the basic necessity of living. Development may be of many kinds. Whereas, Human development refers to the enhancement of human resources. The enlargement of the process of independence, possibilities, and raising living standards are involved in it. The healthy usage of modern technology has opened new doors to human ease.

Technology has made its mark in human development side by side. The fast-growing technology has made life much easier. For example, in the field of education, technology has its very strong impact. An online average rate of change calculator by helps you to calculate average rate of change of various mathematical functions. It is indeed very helpful for scholars to use such free calculators for free.

Let’s scroll down to know how modern technology is affecting human development?

Attention Span:

It is basically the time interval during which a man can focus to some point before he gets distracted. Studies have shown that the average human attention span was 12 seconds. This span has been reduced to 4 seconds which is even less than Goldfish. The reason behind it is the presence of smartphones in our pocket. 

These phones allow us to communicate with anyone anywhere. We can play games to kill our boredom. Likewise, we can resolve our business issues. As well, we can resolve various algebraic problems using various calculators just like that of the average rate of change calculator. We are so involved in phone’s use that we hardly lose any chance to get updated. 

Role Of Internet:

The most important add up in technology is the internet. It has made our life so easy and creepy. Today, decision making is so easy. Rather, we want to get some information or to find someone’s location, we can easily do it with the help of the internet. Everything is just one touch away. Modern technology provides us with all types of information. 

Similarly, social media introduces many other ways of recreation. Almost 50% of the population gets connected through the internet.

Economic Development:

Technology has added a lot in the economic build up. Advancement in science and technology has raised the standards of human living. The role of technology in food and health is not hidden from anyone. The fast growing agricultural and industrial growth has served mankind to the last level. Rapidly growing inventions helped the man to achieve his higher economical goals. It has lessened poverty. All these easy ways are due to modern technology.

Educational Development:

When it comes to educational development, technology has aided the most. Smartphones, internet, smart boards, projectors and such other equipment are very worthwhile. The students can easily get access to any topic through the internet. Likewise an online average rate of change calculator is helping them to better get a grip on complex algebraic problems. 

Many softwares are being created to resolve greater issues. Digital classrooms have helped instructors to teach their pupils more impactfully. Visuals are being made for more ease which are possible due to modern technology. Now, students are not bound to the four walls classrooms. Rather, they can get a degree from any institute of the world while sitting in any corner of the globe.

Technology In The Field Of Health:

Technology has revolutionized the field of medicine. The upgraded equipments help the medical workers to treat patients more effectively. Telehealth service is the most influential. Patients can get themselves examined without going to a doctor. Doctors find easy access to the patient’s history. Through this , they can treat their patients in further more effective way.

Wrapping It Up:

In this organic context, I briefly explained the major impacts technology has spread around the globe. Also, it is clarified how various mathematical tools like average rate of change calculator are engaging scholars to better resolve technicality issues. 

Reyna Felix

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