How is the premium for pet insurance calculated?

 How is the premium for pet insurance calculated?

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Pet insurance: what it includes

The pet, as we know, is man’s best friend: trustworthy, faithful, affectionate, but at times also clumsy and capable of getting into trouble. We therefor have responsibilities not only towards our pet, but also towards third parties, for the possible damage caused by our furry friend. For this reason, and also to protect our four-legged friend, it is advisable¬†to take out insurance for pets¬†. There are two types of pet insurance on the market.

Civil liability for damage caused by pets

This is an insurance coverage that protects third parties from any damage caused by our faithful four-legged friends. This coverage is applied both in the event of personal injury and in the event of damage to property 2052 of the Civil Code. Let’s give an example: you are a guest of your friend and your dog, a little clumsy, drops the home made centerpiece packed with such care? No problem: your friend can be reimbursed by the civil liability policy that you promptly signed. This policy is mandatory in case of relapse, in particular in cases in which the animal has attacked someone or when situations of aggression continue to be reported by the veterinarian at the local health authority. The issue of liability for damage caused by animals is governed by the article , in which precise reference is made to the owner – or whoever uses it – as responsible for the damage caused by the animal.

Health insurance for our four-legged friends

This type of insurance is of a preventive-health nature and has, as a field of application, the medical-welfare one. These are policies and treatment plans that aim to protect the health of our trusted four-legged friends . The health policy for pets intervenes in several areas:

  • accidents (in the case, for example, of the need for urgent veterinary emergency care)
  • illnesses (with reimbursement of costs for visits and examinations or medicines)
  • surgical interventions
  • admissions to veterinary clinics
  • post-hospital rehabilitation treatments .

Basically health insurance protects pets in case of problems health problems ; since the subject is quite varied and varied, each insurance makes a story in itself: before signing it, it is advisable to carefully read the contractual conditions, in order to identify the insurance product most in line with your needs.

Pet policy, the complete package

In addition to these two types of insurance for our pets, there are also offers that provide a complete formula , which include both coverage for damage to third parties and for veterinary expenses . This type of policy generally has a broader coverage than the simple sum of the two policies. In some cases, additional services are also provided, such as 24 / 24h assistance in case of search and recovery of the lost animal, for medical problems or other complications that can arise when you are away from home. Pet insurance of this type tends to have a higher deductibleand consequently you will have to consider very carefully which one to choose.

How is the premium for pet insurance calculated?

The premium for pet policies depends on two factors, namely the age and breed of the pet . If you want to insure dogs considered to be a “breed at risk”, the policy premium tends to be higher. If you are looking for a policy that protects you and your four-legged friends, you can have the guarantee for dogs and cats Civil Liability. Thus you will be insured against any damage that your four-legged friend may cause to other people.

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