How Lack of Experienced Billers can Affect your Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Management

 How Lack of Experienced Billers can Affect your Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Management

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The pandemic crisis had shown us all the picture where healthcare staff and resources were stretched thin, understaffing, experienced cognitive failures and unsafe practice management. In fact, according to a report, lack of nursing has detrimental effects on patient safety. In fact, in many healthcare practices, nursing home etc with reduced nursing staff in order to cut costs has lead to employee burnout and poor patient outcomes.

This is why more than half of the skilled nursing facilities have opted out of outsourcing their billing.

The benefits of outsourcing your skilled nursing facility billing process :

Identifying the problems encountered in your skilled nursing facility billing and addressing all your billing issues effectively, outsourcing with proven strategies improve your practice management in no time. Eliminating all the pressures and a heavier workload, an operational extension further does all your heavy lifting work for a seamless billing solution. Improving your workflow following every industry mandate, policy or procedure, an operational extension more effective ensure in closing all your skilled nursing home facility faster and effectively. Countering all skilled nursing staffing shortages which had a significant negative impact on patient outcomes and employee operational extension further help in 80% operational cost reduction. In fact, Sunkowledge Services Inc is one such operational extension with more than a decade of experience today is known for seamless productivity and the highest collection rate.

Taking care of all your pre and post skilled nursing facility billing activities from the start with 99.9% accuracy rate, our experts further work on timely claims submission, old accounts receivable, complex authorization efficiently. Reducing your AR bucket by 30% in the first month itself, we today have 100 of excellent clients references as well.

So what are you waiting for? Call us and set a new benchmark for your skilled nursing facility billing with Sunknowledge approach.


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